Funding The Institute

To date, WETi has been funded through a variety of external and internal grant programs including NOAA, the MU Community Engagement Program, and Lancaster Conservancy’s Water Week grants. For more information, click on the image of the program.


noaa.pngThanks to funding from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), WETi is fortunate to be one of 20 partners in a statewide capacity-building project spearheaded by Stroud Water Research Center. This grant provides WETi with the funds to bring the highest quality curriculum to its k-12 programs, allowing for instruction from Stroud Water Research as well as Pennsylvania State Parks.

Millersville University Community Engagement

millersville2.pngThe Millersville University Community Engagement Act, housed within the Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change, is an internal grant program for faculty that aims to support costs (supplies, equipment, student wages) associated with community-based research projects or community-based impact projects. Funding from Millersville University has provided WETi with the opportunity to construct an onsite rain garden, set to be constructed spring of 2019. For more information on this project, please visit our “Projects” menu.

Lancaster Conservancy Water Week Grant

water-week.pngThe Lancaster Water Week grant is funded by the Lancaster County Conservancy and Turkey Hill. The grant is intended to stimulate on the ground projects that align with Lancaster County Conservancy goals to create a measurable impact on water quality. The projects should celebrate the unique waterways of Lancaster County, educate the public about the challenges we face and opportunities we can create, and activate people to take action in their watersheds and communities. This grant has regularly provided WETi with funds necessary to host special workshops concerned with educating Lancaster-area youth on environmental issues surrounding water quality in the Chesapeake Bay area.