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Archive of WETi articles from past years

2020 Outstanding Environmental Education Program Award  (Millersville Blog) - 11/2/2020

This year the Pennsylvania Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE) Ambassador Training Program has been honored with the prestigious 2020 Outstanding Environmental Education Program Award. Check out the Millersville blog article about the award with quotes from members of the Pennsylvania Watershed Education Task Force!

PA Watershed Education Task Force Honored with Award and Second Grant  (Stroud Center) - 10/15/2020

Check out the Stroud Center's article on the PA Watershed Education Task Force's latest NOAA B-WET grant and the PAEE Outstanding Environmental Education Program Award, which was awarded to the Task Force's PA Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE) Ambassador Training Program this 2020!

Green Teacher article   (Green Teacher) - 10/2/2020

Green Teacher posted an article about Creating Green Partnerships to Promote Environmental Education. The article is about their iSTEM4ToYS grant. It includes a mention of Stroud Center education's partnership with MU, and includes a picture of their un-named stream at their WETI field station with pre-service elementary teachers.

Every day is Earth day  (Concord Consortium) - 11/1/2019

Concord Consortium recognizes 25 outstanding teachers for their 25th anniversary, congratulating these teachers on their innovation and creativity. Kerrie Snavely, an instructor for WETi, was recognized.

Benefits of Hands-On Learning  (Comcast Newsmakers) - 10/30/2019

Dr. Nanette Marcum-Dietrich talks about the benefits of hands-on learning with Jill Horner on Comcast Newsmakers. Watch the clip below.

Dr. John Wallace, Former Educator of the Year  (Millersville Facebook) - 9/28/2019

Dr. John Wallace started at MU in 1998 and is dedicated to training the next generation of scientists. In 2011-12, he was our Educator of the Year.

Millersville Joins Outdoor Learning Network Initiative  (Millersville Blog) - 9/20/2019

Millersville's WETi program has been selected to be a part of the Outdoor Learning Network Initiative, a partnership of the Chesapeake Bay Trust Foundation and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association Chesapeake Bay Office.

Millersville Receives $399,719 Federal Grant  (Millersville Blog) - 4/30/2019

Thanks to the National Science Foundation, MU has received a $399,719 federal grant to support a national curriculum project for middle school science students. This project research will be lead by our own Dr. Nanette Marcum-Dietrich.

2019 Millersville University Sustainability Champions  (Millersville) - 4/23/2019 Award for progress in sustainability on Millersville campus 

WATERS grant  (National Science Foundation)- 4/23/2019 Grant awarded by the National Science Foundation

Early Childhood Education Teacher Workshop  (Millersville NEWS) - 03/08/2018 Initial press release on From Stream to Sky event 

NOAA Grant/Environmental Literacy  (Business Insider) - 10/18/2017 Article about Stroud and the Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience. 

Millersville Helps Boost Environmental Education  (Millersville NEWS) - 10/12/2017 Article detailing Strouds and WETI's partnership in the Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience program. 

Convocation 2016  (Millersville NEWS) - 9/12/2016 Slide by Slide look at the 2016 convocation presentation. 

Millersville Opens WETi  (Lancaster Online) - 4/26/2016 Article reporting on WETi opening

Earth Day at the ‘Ville  (Millersville NEWS) - 4/8/2016 Article reporting on the 2016 Earth Day Celebration 

Creating Watershed Ambassadors  (Millersville NEWS) - 10/28/2015 Article detailing creek lodges origins, and the foundation of WETi.