Congratulations 2022 Award Recipients!

The below recipients were honored during State of the 'Ville on Friday, Sept. 9, 2022.

2022 Nominees

Thank you to the many faculty, staff and student members of our community who shared their experiences with our EPPIIC employees!

  • Exploration - Christopher Jachimowicz

    Someone who I believe exemplifies the EPIIC value of Exploration is the Director of New Student Programs, Christopher Jachimowicz. I met Chris summer 2021 when I began working as an orientation leader. I didn’t know how much of an involvement he would have with us orientation leaders, given that each orientation leader had an Orientation Planning Committee (OPC) member in charge of them. Not long after, I realized that Chris was fully committed to the program and orientation leaders. He spends time to understand the reasoning behind why each student wanted to become an orientation leader as well as getting to know the student in a more personal way. Now being a part of the OPC, I’ve been able to deeply understand the reasoning and thought that goes into each decision for the orientation program. Chris is careful on what he chooses based on the decisions he has to make as he considers every possible event that could happen given a particular decision is made. I also realized that he doesn’t simply do the same exact things each year for orientation. Each year he’s thinking of what can be changed to make the orientation program better and what he can provide to make orientation leaders feel more prepared for the role they will take. Even with these actions having an impact primarily on the orientation program, Chris realizes that on the long term these decisions impact the life of incoming students here at Millersville University.

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  • Exploration - John Sicotte

    I am nominating John Sicotte for an EPPIIC award under the category of Exploration, because he is one of the most reliable, responsible and helpful coworkers I have worked with on campus; he has a strong commitment to process improvement. John has worked with different teams of people to resolve issues with our processes related to registration, faculty workload and scheduling. John always has relevant input that stems from his comprehensive knowledge of his job and the systems he works with. Whenever I hear of new processes that are being implemented that related in any way to scheduling or registration, I feel confident if I know that John has been involved or at least consulted on the project. John is like the wizard behind the curtain and I hope he is recognized for his dedication, and I hope he knows how much others appreciate what he does!!

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  • Exploration - HR Recruitment Team

    During the pandemic, everyone started to become more paperless out of necessity. But the recruitment team took that a step further. The current search process for recruiting a staff or faculty member is 100% paperless for human resources and work continues towards becoming paperless for the search committees. Prior to 2021, Human Resources would keep a paper file for each search consisting of all search committee notes, screening tools, tracking sheets, and applications and resumes. This process to become 100% paperless for a search began by using our applicant tracking system workflow for approvals and implementing shared electronic screening and tracking tools for the committees and has continued to date by allowing search committee members to sign confidentiality forms electronically and to upload their interview and reference checks notes directly to the candidate applications in our applicant tracking system. The new screening tools allow the search committees to focus only on the minimum and preferred requirements when eliminating applicants from the applicant pool and limits the potential for a personal bias to interfere with their screening. The shared screening tools also keep the work of each committee member transparent and helps search chairs to hold committee members accountable to complete the work by the established deadlines. The paperless process continues into onboarding for new employees by using Microsoft Teams, electronic payroll/transaction forms, and emailing new hire paperwork and offer letters. Process improvements will continue into 2022 by sending surveys to search committees for feedback and moving to electronic personnel files.

    HR Recruitment Team:
    Andrea Hauri, Cheryl Hodges, Jeremy Houck, Ivie Russell, Nereida Velez-Forgrave

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  • Exploration - IT Web Team

    The web team developed the new myVille portal built on a new platform. They took the “why” question to rethink how IT can deliver information in a just-in-time fashion. The team worked with departments to determine what tools they or their customers needed most to work more efficiently and effectively. Development continues and there will be many more exciting additions in the future. Exploring the problem/solution led to a system that has received very positive feedback and acts as a model of how to do a campus-wide project. They proactively assess customer needs and form new ways to address them, leaving behind the “we’ve always done it that way” mantra, and embracing a “what about this,” mentality. Always keeping the customer in mind – students, faculty, staff, the public – they strive to find ways to connect us with the information we want and need. The “Exploration” category fits perfectly as this team is always finding new possibilities in the wake of new technology to further MU’s mission and strategic goals.

    IT Web Team: Kimberlyn Broskie, Michael Dulay, William Gausmann

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  • Professionalism - Jackie Aliotta

    I would like to nominate Jackie Aliotta for the Professionalism award. Jackie’s strengths: Achiever, Positivity, Harmony, Consistency, and Communication describe her really well. Jackie loves student engagement and tries to create positive collegiate experiences for our students here at the Ville. Jackie values professional development. She participates in professional development opportunities happening around campus and also within professional associations (but especially through the Association of College Unions International). Jackie aims to better herself so that she can be the most effective Student Affairs practitioner that she can be. She also encourages her colleagues to take advantage of professional development opportunities. Jackie shows ethical decision-making on a daily basis, when interacting with others, and leads with integrity. Jackie lives her values and you can see those values come to life through her daily actions. Jackie takes a lot of pride in the work that she does for student organizations, student organization events, leadership development initiatives, and advising the University Activities Board. If Jackie doesn’t know the answer, she will find it. Jackie is extremely responsive to students, faculty, and staff. She is both personally responsible and holds herself accountable. She meets deadlines, enjoys processes and procedures, and works as hard as she needs to in order to get to the job done. Jackie co-supervises a Graduate Assistant, undergraduate student Leadership Consultants, and hosts interns to cover the responsibilities in her area. Jackie is highly skilled in delegating and really utilizes the student staff both for productivity and for their professional development.

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  • Professionalism - Lauren Blevins

    Since Lauren Blevins started working as our Nurse Practitioner, she has been a pioneer of change and a champion for our students. She led us through the pandemic by developing COVID guidelines and organizing testing clinics. She also worked closely with her collaborative physician to ensure best practices were implemented in the university. Lauren was also an instrumental part to the university’s COVID mitigation efforts. She created and managed a dashboard to trace COVID cases to be used daily by the university to guide recommendations. She was continually available to her patients and provided direct care to students who relied on her for their physical and mental health. Her workload was heavy, but Lauren did not falter. She is a perfectionist who leads by example. As the current Interim Director of Health Services, Lauren has proven to be a compassionate and inspirational leader who embodies all the traits of true professionalism. She is tenacious, wise, and a passionate student advocate whom I admire and respect. I am sure my sentiment is shared throughout our division and by anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Lauren.

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  • Professionalism - Linda Mellinger

    Linda has been graceful and gracious both receiving and providing assistance; she expressed gratitude as others covered various needs while she juggled many emotional and trying circumstances, was a strong and reliable support to her colleagues and students, and most specifically, has very successfully stepped up to continue the work she assisted Renardo with in regards to Campus Ministries and ODK. Linda even made time to assist with the VPSA Candidates throughout their visit, and ensured they had a warm welcome when visiting the Student Affairs Suite...While I cannot know all of what Linda has contributed to or experienced this year, I can affirm that those working with and near her have been both supported and encouraged as well as uplifted by her professionalism and commitment to the university. Linda has continued moving forward with initiatives that support our students while bearing the additional responsibility of caring for them and herself through loss, and can be described as no less than EPPIIC.

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  • Professionalism - Tonya Pyles

    When looking for the quintessential employee, you need look no further than Tonya. She takes her responsibilities seriously, always strives to do her best, and takes pride in her job. Being a department secretary in two departments requires good organizational, time management, and communication skills. Tonya faces these challenges with a positive attitude. She is a very conscientious employee who doesn’t wait to be asked for assistance. Instead, she anticipates the needs of those around her and offers a helping hand. This applies not only to faculty in her departments but to any student or staff member within the College of Science and Technology and other departments within the University. Tonya is always looking to expand her skill set by staying abreast of new policies, learning new procedures and programs, and offering suggestions to produce a more efficient work environment. She collaborates well with departments throughout the University to ensure that things are done in a timely fashion and in accordance with set guidelines and requirements. Any knowledge she acquires is always readily shared with others in a patient, caring, and thoughtful manner. No matter how often sentiments are expressed, extolling her competencies and effectiveness, Tonya remains a humble individual whose goal is continued selfimprovement which will allow her to better serve her departments. Her efforts are greatly appreciated by all those around her.

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  • Professionalism - Selicia Russo

    Ms. Selicia Russo is the Catering Manager at Millersville University. I would like to nominate Selicia for an EPPIIC Value Award for demonstrating the value of Professionalism. As we all know, dining services has struggled this year with staffing shortages. I know Selicia works hard to make every event happen to the best of her ability. Sometimes, Selicia has had to tell us “no” due to lack of staff to help prepare for or service the event, but she tells us “no” because she wants to ensure that if she does commit to providing catering services, that it is done correctly in a Professional manner. When I book an event with Selicia in the Bolger Conference Center, she always reminds me to contact IT to arrange for any audio/video needs for the event. That is not her responsibility, but she wants to ensure that the event is a Professional representation of Millersville University. She strives to meet the strategic goal of Transforming Student Experiences and Fostering Innovation by enhancing a campus community sense of belonging and satisfaction. Selicia displays pride in a job well-done, personal responsibility and accountability, and respect for others as well as organizational process and procedure. For these reasons and many more, I would like to nominate Ms. Selicia Russo for an EPPIIC Value Award for demonstrating the value of Professionalism.

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  • Professionalism - Patrick Wilson

    Patrick Wilson has been a consummate professional since joining the University in January 2018. Within just one year, he was selected for the Housekeeping and University Services Director. Bullets are used as the 250-word limit cannot fully describe his exemplary performance warranting the Professionalism award.

    • Obtain two professional certifications - Registered Environmental Services Executive and Certified Educational Facilities Professional
    • Managed the largest, most diverse campus workforce (over six nationalities speaking their native languages) and fostered an open, inclusive working environment ensuring every voice is heard
    • Praised for his proactive personnel management to include conducting weekly leadership and monthly all hands meetings, mentoring, training, implementing best industry practices, counseling and at times disciplining
    • Displayed innovative and inspirational leadership by spearheading the Cleaning Cost Analysis Program which is a data-based system to analyze facility data, personnel, supplies, operations, and equipment to optimize performance
    • Addressed indoor air quality complaints in a timely, compassionate manner to ease concerns of students and employees

    Understanding that there may be many competitive nominations for the Professionalism award, there is no one more deserving or more qualified! Leading the largest workforce that has direct interaction with students, faculty and staff, Pat establishes the first impression and continual relationship with the campus community by setting challenging and achievable expectations for his staff. Patrick exemplifies the Professionalism award in his leadership, management, actions, and words. He embodies all the EPPIIC values but has excelled in Professionalism.

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  • Public Mission - Kelly Davis

    I am nominating Kelly Davis for an EPPIIC award under the category of Public Mission. Kelly is a proud MU alumni. She is very dedicated to Millersville University and the greater community; her attitude and actions show her commitment to our EPPIIC values. She has volunteered for many organizations, including the Millersville Alumni Association, Millersville University Business Associates, the President’s Commission on the Status of Women, and PASSHE Women’s Consortium. Kelly has also spent time serving as an Officer of many of those organizations and took on the role of co-coordinator of the PASSHE Women’s Consortium Leadership Institute for Professional and Staff Employees in 2019. Kelly serves as a great example for her colleagues, with her willingness to share her time and her expertise to help support these organizations.

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  • Public Mission - Dr. Duane Hagelgans

    I am writing to nominate Dr. Duane Hagelgans for the Public Mission EPPIIC Values Award, primarily for his invaluable service in helping MU navigate the COVID pandemic. Because of Duane’s expertise is in emergency management and disaster response, he was asked to co-chair the Incident Management Team (August 2020–August 2021) and then to chair the COVID Monitoring Team (August 2021–present). During this time, Duane has been integral in a variety of activities, including monitoring COVID numbers on campus; making decisions regarding quarantine/isolation; liaising with the public/university stakeholders on the university’s COVID response; and advising President Wubah and Cabinet. My role in APSCUF, and my participation in COVID planning, has provided me with an opportunity to witness the around-the-clock work Duane has been doing over the past 20 months. It really has amounted to a second, unpaid, full-time job. Early on, the IMT met several times a day, in the evening, and on weekends when required to address emergent situations. Much of the time, this work was thankless, but it was necessary: I truly believe that the Millersville community weathered COVID as well as it did because of the work of the IMT and CMT under Duane’s leadership. Their actions saved lives and ensured to the extent possible the safety and wellbeing of our community members. Dr. Hagelgans’ service over the past two years simply exceeds expectations and really, the service records of any other faculty I’m aware of.

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  • Public Mission - Dr. Beth Powers

    Dr. Powers exemplifies the EPPIIC Value of Public Mission through her tireless service to our campus and community. She not only serves on the Board of the Community Action Partnership (CAP), one of Lancaster County’s largest Comprehensive AntiPoverty nonprofits, but she has also collaborated with them and MU Administration to establish STEM MU Early Education and Care Center. She is working with CAP and the President’s Office to implement a community needs assessment with the hope of expanding the center’s offerings. Powers marries her expertise in early childhood education, equity, and diversity with her service to facilitate concrete solutions for community challenges. As former Chair of the President’s Commission on the Status of Women she responded to significant concerns about the lack of childcare on campus by facilitating collaboration between the President’s Office and CAP. Dr. Powers receives multiple messages expressing appreciation for her work. For example, one student, who is a father and married to another student, expressed his gratitude when he stated “thank you for your attention to childcare on this campus, my wife just graduated, and I am still a student. Finding childcare has been a major obstacle in our attending MU.” Senator Casey shared his admiration for the Center’s Focus on high quality STEM Education during a recent visit. Powers appreciates all those who contribute to the center and will continue supporting equitable access to high-quality education and care for all children and families on our campus and in our community.

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  • Public Mission - Dr. Carrie Smith

    I enthusiastically nominate Dr. Carrie Smith and the Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change for the EPPIIC award in Public Mission. As faculty coordinator for CPSSC, Dr. Smith has been a tireless champion and public servant. Her leadership of the center promotes collaboration with community organizations, facilitates research on public impact issues, and solidifies partnerships with faculty, staff, and most importantly students to foster teaching, learning, and policy outcomes that support the greater good. Her work to bring the inaugural Conference to Advance CommunityEngaged Research demonstrates this commitment and a consistent call to action.

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  • Public Mission - One Day Give Team

    One Day Give is one of the best examples of the Millersville community coming together in support of our mission of providing a high-quality education at an exceptional value. Dollars raised on ODG directly impact student success through scholarships, internships, updated classroom equipment, study abroad, athletic equipment, international travel and more.

    It truly takes a “village” to meet and exceed our annual goals. But this dedicated team of Development professionals and campus partners go above and behind each year to make sure the day is a success. From soliciting donors and challenge gifts, designing websites and leaderboards, organizing and coordinating volunteers, creating and implementing marketing plans, to entering 2,000+ gifts in the database and sending thank you acknowledgments, Millersville is lucky to have this talented and dedicated team.

    One Day Give has grown exponentially over the years. Starting in 2013, the University received just over 500 gifts. Through the vision, creativity, hard work, and commitment to Millersville’s mission from this team, each year brings new giving records. In February 2022, the University saw nearly $745,000 raised from 2,139 gifts – in just 16 hours!

    This incredible team also has been able to recruit and include campus partners in the day. Faculty members and Deans from every College, coaches, administrators, Greek Life, Housing, ROTC, the Weather Center, to name a few, have all bought in to make the day so successful.

    One Day Give Team: 

    Stacey Andrelcyzk, Anna Baldasarre, Bob Bentley, Daniel Beury, John Cheek, Meghan Dinges, William Gausmann, Kelly Herr, Ethan Hulsey, Corrina Linn, Kelsey Madas, Alice McMurry, Lisa Miller, Heather Morris, Victoria Pappas, Lindsay Sanborn, Kristin Schab, Staci Strauss, Chelsey Wirth

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  • Public Mission - Student Access & Support Services

    SASS is the embodiment of Public Mission through their commitment to equitable access to higher education. The SASS team understands that education should be a basic human right not a privilege. This team works tirelessly to provide programming and support to students with access barriers such poverty, inequity, lack of support, ESL, and more.

    A few examples of SASS in action include:

    • helping students with issues like homelessness, food insecurity, health care, abuse issues, and more;
    • delivering laptops & hot spots to students during the pandemic;
    • creating “Marauder Mayhem”, a welcoming committee that delivered MU yard signs to accepted LPP students to let them know they are valued and wanted here;
    • Supporting our first-gen community: founding tri-alpha honor society chapter, hosting 1st gen events, and most recently starting a first-gen mentoring program;
    • building meaningful relationships by being open to collaboration both on-and-off campus. Prime examples include public service projects with Wittel Farm, the SDoL, and recently Lancaster Community Connectors;
    • improved student relationships with law enforcement by coordinating open dialogue with state troopers about the Black Lives Matter movement, giving students the opportunity to ask tough questions about police bias;
    • Eagerly volunteering when others need help: Family Weekend, Homecoming, open houses, basketball games, and more.

    SASS also realizes the significance of our EPPIIC values by honoring their PSSI students with EPPIIC value awards. They are forward thinking innovators.

    SASS Team: Darlene Newman and Christina Williams

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  • Inclusion - Dr. Emily Baldys

    Dr. Emily Baldys is a tireless advocate for inclusion on campus. She teaches courses on disability in literature to help students understand the unique challenges of inclusion for people with disabilities. In addition, she models and promotes inclusion with her extensive service activities on campus. Dr. Baldys has fostered inclusion in a variety of ways: as Co-Chair of the Disability Pride Planning Committee, as co-Chair of the Latinx Literature Search Committee, as a member of the Integrated Studies Advisory Assembly, as organizer of the CAE Inclusive Practices Series, as Co-Facilitator of the Academic Ableism Faculty Learning Committee, as Faculty Advisor for the MU ADAPT Club (for students with disabilities), as MU Advisor for the American Sign Language Club, and as interim Coordinator of the Women and Gender Studies Minor. She advises some of our most complex students to meet their unique challenges. She also is studying our efforts at inclusion with two colleagues in their grant entitled “Impact of an Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Program: Building a Campus Culture of Inclusion. ”Dr. Baldys stands as an exemplar to the community in terms of inclusion, stating “we as an institution should be continually asking ourselves what more we can do to live up to our inclusive values and advance that belonging.” Emily Baldys lives up to those values each and every day. For her lived commitment to an inclusive vision for all, she richly deserves this EPPIIC award for Inclusion.

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  • Inclusion - Christina Williams

    Ms. Williams’s contributions towards INCLUSION at our university are immeasurable. She works tirelessly at Chester House to mentor freshmen students who entered Millersville  University through PSSI adjust to a college environment and achieve their academic potential. This includes not only tutoring students with their academic work and sharing study skill strategies with them, but also providing critical life lessons for students as well (such as how to handle peer pressure, how to cope with homesickness, and how to handle depression, among other things). ...The Admissions Office will often request that Christina provide translation services in Spanish when they are attempting to communicate with Latino parents who speak limited English. Christina has always obliged in such circumstances, even though this is outside of her specific division and not specified in her job duties. Such willingness serves as a testament to her dedication to achieving a truly inclusive atmosphere on our campus...Christina is one of the few Latina professional staff members at Millersville University, which makes her an important role model for one of the fastest-growing student demographic blocs at our institution. Indeed, Christina is a bright role model for all students, regardless of ethnicity. However, her bilingualism (and her willingness to use her bilingual competency to serve the university and our students/parents), her involvement with the PSSI program (which recruits a large number of first-generation Latino students), and her connections to the local Lancaster community make Christina an especially important role model to undergraduate Latino, Latina, and Latinx students.

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  • Integrity - Marcia Bolton

    I am nominating Marcia Bolton for an EPPIIC award under the category of Integrity, because she has done so much for the College of Education and Human Services and the School of Social Work during this short amount of time that she’s been serving as Interim Dean. Marcia has taken an active role in addressing problems, thereby improving the morale of the faculty and staff of the college. She is honest and forthright. She shows appreciation for her colleagues. She is generous with praise and recognition. During the past semester, she has brought faculty and staff together to recognize accomplishments, has sent out numerous email messages congratulating people on their successes, and also has gone out of her way to show her appreciation for the support staff of the college. It has been a wonderful semester with Marcia at the helm!!

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  • Integrity - Heather Fogell

    Once you work with Heather, you won’t forget her. Her positive, can-do attitude is contagious, and she is always willing to lend a hand to any task which needs doing. Faculty, staff, and students alike have come to depend on her as a caring, conscientious, employee who always makes time to listen and assist them. Her contagious manner flows over into her love for her job and the University. She is quick to share with you the enjoyment she gets from working at MU and the respect she has for its faculty and staff. She does not hesitate to thank you for your contribution to a task or project no matter how small that contribution may be. Her attitude tends to make others pause, look around them, and be grateful for their work environment. Whether serving in the role of technician or adjunct, Heather continually strives to help students learn and progress in their academic pursuits. She uses any situation she can to serve as a learning lesson for students. Heather is always finding ways to improve her surrounds; thereby, improving the lives of those around her. Her level of commitment to researching matters, combined with enviable ingenuity, has resulted in many appreciated changes in Caputo/Roddy Hall.

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  • Integrity - Dr. Leslie Gates

    Dr. Gates is a stalwart member of various committees and organizations on campus that benefit our University community. Leslie is thoughtful and intentional; people trust her to be not only fair but compassionate. She makes decisions with honesty and transparency, not shying away from difficult conversations that ultimately create stronger bonds and safer spaces. She follows through with the tasks set before her, and she routinely explores new avenues and helps to build programs where there is a need. Examples of this include her series of sketches that brought our campus together in spirit while we were physically apart during the pandemic, and her work with Dr. Dreon shaping the formal faculty mentoring program that helps new faculty grow roots at MU and allows experienced faculty to share their gifts beyond the classroom. Leslie actively pursues students, faculty, staff, and community members to take part in her work, knowing that inclusion leads to stronger outcomes and increased engagement. Above all, Leslie Gates values people. I believe this is one of her greatest gifts – her intentional interactions and sincere appreciation for others cannot be underestimated. She shines a warm light on others that allows them to see their worth. Often, this leads to increased motivation and a willingness to share those talents more freely – to the benefit of our greater community.

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  • Integrity - Dr. Jennifer Wood

    Dr. Wood and I have worked closely together as she is my academic advisor. She has taught multiple classes of mine too. During my time with Dr. Wood, she is always providing me with new
    opportunities and telling me about the opportunities in her professional life and how they
    positively impacted her. Dr. Wood told me about a convention that would be a great networking
    opportunity. She provided me with the information and how it would help me in future classes
    and in my career. Dr. Wood has emphasized the idea of not going back on your word and
    sticking with it until the deadline. When talking about internships, she makes sure that we know
    we will follow through on them even if they are not what we expected. She also is always honest
    and transparent with me. Dr. Wood always gives me a clear and honest answer in a respectful
    way. When I provide an idea that she doesn’t think is a good one, she will guide me in a different
    direction with her honest professional opinions. Lastly, she is always checking in on my personal
    life. For example, when I was accepted into a fellowship on campus, she not only congratulated
    me through e-mail, but she always asked me about it in our advising meeting. I am honored to
    nominate Dr. Jennifer Wood for the EPPIIC Value Award of integrity.

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  • Integrity - Allison Yarrow

    I would like to nominate Allison Yarrow, Director of Campus Recreation, for the Millersville University EPPIIC Value Award for Integrity. Allison is involved in so many areas of the university in addition to her job description. Two of her largest responsibilities are serving on the President’s Commission on Gender and Sexual Diversity (PCGSD) – Vice Chair as of June and President’s Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW).Allison meets all of the qualifications of this award as she exhibits the EPPIIC values and contributes to the University strategic plans. She can be trusted, is ethical in all of her interactions and decision making, is inclusive and sensitive to others, encouraging to others and gives recognition when due, and is collaborative in nature.

    Her contributions include:

    • Co-Chair of the Employee Wellness Committee
    • Multiple search committees including chair
    • Facilitator and one of the coordinators for Green Dot
    • Student Conduct Advocate
    • Title IX/Campus Recreation hosted yoga
    • Advised 14 club sport groups and five other student organizations including Relay for Life, CHAARG, Women’s Club Volleyball, Club Softball and Club Basketball.

    Other areas of involvement:

    • PIRSA’s Executive board and State Extramural work team.
    • American Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED instructor
    • Gallup Strength’s Coach
    • Campus Life Leadership Awards Review Committee
    • MU/Shippensburg/HAAC Partnership Initiative

    Assist, cosponsor and collaborate with many organizations and departments for On My Block, Student vs. Faculty/Staff Flag Football, 5K for Equity, self-defense classes for MU students, Sustainability Olympics, assisting with philanthropic efforts for Wreaths Across America, and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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  • Compassion - Academic Advisement & Student Development

    The cornerstone of the Exploratory Program, part of the Student Success Network at Millersville University, is its unrestricted and supportive exploration. Students are holistically viewed with unlimited potential for success. While the start of college students' journey can be wrought with anxiety and inner questions, the Exploratory Program establishes an immediate welcoming and supportive, almost familial, connection with our students. This connection begins with an introspective exploration of personal interests, values, and aptitudes recognizing each student’s journey is unique and individual. Students are then guided to look inward and "explore, discover and decide" on a major area of study that gives the students confidence in their future career and life path. The culmination of this process has students look outward at university majors and minors with originality, imagination, and inventiveness. Students leave the Exploratory Program with the assurance and confidence that their decision has been made with careful consideration, diligent introspection, and well-reasoned forethought. 

    AASD Team: 
    Molly Caldwell-Hamlin, Dr. David Henriques, Dr. Kristen Lawson, Dr. Margaret Mbindyo, Rita Miller, Joseph Sciarretta, Olivia Werner

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  • Compassion - Josh Belice

    I nominated Josh Belice for this award because he is always very helpful and goes above and beyond to help students. He is always very friendly and professional and helps in any way he can. I know that he will do what he can to help out any student.

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  • Compassion - Dr. Jessica Fellmeth

    Dr. Fellmeth deserves the compassion EPPIIC value award. She has shown In multiple ways that she cares about her students past and present. She will go above and beyond to make sure she helps her students any way she can. Office hours were more then just for biology, it is a safe space if someone needed to vent or a place for advice.

    Last fall, Dr. fellmeth offered zoom classes as well as regular classes so students stayed on track. No matter the size of the class, she knew every students name, including in my case, the correct spelling. Emails were always in a fast timely manner and you could feel the compassion that you were more then just a student but a human being who had feelings. When masks were mandatory she always made sure they were up over the nose not only to protect herself but the other students. Our last two subjects she took a poll to see what the students wanted to learn more of and you could tell students were more engaged and interested in those classes.We need more teachers like Dr. Fellmeth who care inside and outside the classroom about there students.

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  • Compassion - Abby Gabner

    Abby currently serves as the Executive Associate in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management and is the epitome of Millersville's EPPIIC values. Abby is also currently a student working towards her master's degree in Social Work. All who know her, know that she is extremely passionate about equitable access to higher education and early college readiness. She also demonstrates compassion with her often unnoticed, yet persistent giving actions and encouragement for everyone to be their best both personally and professionally for our students. Most recently, Abby has demonstrated her compassion and support of students by bringing together members of the School of Social Work, MU's Student Access & Support Service Office, the Department of Applied Engineering & Technology, and the School District of Lancaster's, Jackson Middle School by bringing 18 eighth grade students to campus. Through this experience students were a part of The 'EPPIIC Academy' whose objectives were to lower student drop-out rates, improve college attendance among Lancaster City youth, and provide mentoring opportunities to Millersville students. The eighth grade students were provided a positive, pre-college experience while touring campus and given hands-on experiences with student mentors and professors. While this is just one wonderful example of Abby's compassion, she continues to demonstrate kindness and support for faculty, staff, and both future & present college students by building villages of trust, compassion, inclusion, and support around her.

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  • Compassion - Gabriela Hagiu

    I am nominating Gabriela Hagiu for an EPPIIC award under the category of Compassion, because she is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have worked with at Millersville. Gabriela’s kind and gentle manner puts students and colleagues at ease. She is smart and willing to share her knowledge to help her coworkers succeed, and she is very dedicated to the students, staff and faculty who are involved with furthering the principles of inclusivity in higher education. Gabriela goes out of her way to make other people feel supported, important, and worthy of her time and attention. You can count on her, and you can trust her to keep a confidence. Gabriela is also a lot of fun to be around, she is an inspiration to all of us!

    Second nomination for Gabriela Hagiu

    Gabriela exemplifies the University’s value of compassion. Indeed, I would say she cares for each member of the community she encounters. Those of us who know her well are truly changed by her presence in our work lives. Her service to her department and the community appears effortless, as she balances completing a myriad of projects while providing authentic care for those who need her assistance. Interruptions are always welcomed with gracious presence by Gabriela, who makes people feel valued and supported.

    In her work with the Pennsylvania Inclusive Higher Education Consortium and her volunteer efforts on behalf of PCCDI and Millersville University Business Associates, she further demonstrates her commitment to serving the University Community and creating a real sense of belonging for those she encounters. Whether one-on-one or in a group, Gabriela can make you feel engaged and known. When someone feels valued in that way, their capacity to give to their community will grow. By shining a bright light on others, Gabriela’s actions have the potential to encourage others to reflect that energy and enthusiasm back to the University community.

    Compassion is truly her gift, and she models this value for students, staff, and faculty each and every day. I would encourage the committee to seek her out for yourself. Her boundless kindness is contagious.

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  • Compassion - Dr. William Himmele

    I would like to recommend Dr. William Himmele for the compassion award. He is truly the embodiment of this award. His enthusiasm is contagious, and even though I had to come to class in the evenings after a full day of work, I always looked forward to it. I have learned in the short time with him more than I learned with some other professors in a 12-14 week time. His approach, support and encouragement were beyond this world. He has gone above and beyond to ensure I am doing ok in class and made himself available when I missed things. If I become half of the educator he is, my students will be truly blessed. Even after the class was done he reached out and checked in on how my classes are going and offered assistance if ever needed it. His kindness hasn't gone unnoticed, and it is so refreshing when I hear other of my pers that also had him as a professor, talk with so much endearment. If he ever retires Millersville will lose such a pillar in the community. If I would have him as a professor for all my classes I would never stop being in school. He makes you want to learn, to be a better person, a caring and dedicated educator. I am truly blessed to have had him. So please allow him to be recognized for this award!

    Second nomination for Dr. William Himmele

    On behalf of myself, and the current organization of NMTA (National Minority Teachers Association) we would love to have the honor in nominating Dr. William Himmele for one of our EPPIIC values. Although he radiates all of our EPPIIC values, Dr. Himmele is the best fit for Mr. Compassionate! I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Himmele for class, and I must speak for everyone when I say he really cares about your future and ultimately cares that YOU as a person will always be taken care of. I can hear him now, “OOOOH, Please stop by my office so we can just catch up and have a chat”, “Stop by my office anytime, my door is always open.” With his whole heart he really means it, you can stop by and talk about serious things; such as ups and downs of life and he will make you feel better before you know it. Or just go in for a laugh and express how he truly is a hero; and his face should be on any other marvel hero than Captain America. Dr. William Himmele’s compassion is felt throughout the entire Education building along with Millersville University itself. His compassion will only continue to grow as he comes across more and more diverse students; in my opinion this award would not, and could not be more suitable for anyone other than Dr. William Himmele.

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  • Compassion - Darlene Newman

    Darlene Newman exemplifies compassion on our campus and in our community. She tirelessly works for students and supports colleagues. I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Newman on several projects including supporting efforts to retain students, seeking grant funding to support diverse and underserved students, and most recently on the search Committee for the Vice President of Student Affairs. It is clear every interaction one has with her, that Darlene is not only compassionate for students but also for faculty, staff, and administration. Being multiple degree holder and alumni from MU she stands as a shining example of the contributions our students and alumni provide to our campus, our community, and our society. In addition, she does all these things without expectation of praise or recognition, she serves because she cares. Likewise, Darlene is a consummate team player and leader. She has impacted this campus in so many deep and profound ways. Darlene Newman advocates for students and supports them to be the best they can be for themselves and others. Likewise, she is a consummate servant leader and although she seeks no accolades for her work, she is more than deserving of this award.

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  • Compassion - Keisha Patterson

    Keisha embodies many of MU’s EPPIIC values, but it seems as if Public Mission is most appropriate. I have known Keisha since 1994 when she and I were both new to the Psychology Department at MU.  Over these past 28 years, Keisha has repeatedly shown that she puts our students first and is here to support them however she can.  Keisha’s mission in her position is to help and advocate for MU’s students: whether it’s a student who wanders into the Psychology department office in need of direction or advice, or a student worker or tutor for the Psychology Department in need of training or coaching, or a student she knows from her neighborhood or through her church who needs support related to education, health, financial matters, etc.  Keisha is selfless in the ways she has helped students in those types of situations and more during the last 28 years.

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  • Compassion - Tonya Pyles

    Since my transfer to Millersville from HACC at the beginning of Fall 2021, she has shown a genuine, compassionate, and honestly loving interest in not only my success as a student, but in me as a human being. She cares not only for my academics, but also in my health, home life, and everything else about me.  When I talk with her, if there’s ever anything she could do to help ease my anxiety or remove roadblocks for me, she immediately jumps right on it without me asking.  She was also the only member of the CS department who came to see my MiM presentation. I have received nothing but support from her and I feel she truly shows the EPPIIC values, especially compassion, in her life.

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  • Compassion - D'Ann Ressler

    D’Ann Ressler is inspired by her mother who “always knows the right thing to say to everyone, has the time to sit and listen and offer good advice, is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand.” This description matches what D’Ann’s co-workers at the university would say about her, as she makes everyone whom she interacts with feel valued and is always available to listen. Since beginning her career at Millersville in 1980, D’Ann Ressler has served on committees that have drawn from her strengths as a compassionate leader, most notably as a library representative to the All-University Council and as a member of the library’s Implicit Bias in Student Hiring Committee. D ’Ann frequently donates to University fund drives and is active in addressing hunger on campus by donating to Millersville’s food pantry, The Hub. Involving co-workers in her efforts, D’Ann has also coordinated donations on behalf of the library. As a compassionate member of our EPPIIC community, D’Ann is committed to helping faculty and staff as much as possible. As she said in her 2008 article in The Exchange, “I feel great satisfaction in knowing I have helped someone in any way.” In the same way that she characterized her mother in the 2010 article attached to this application, D’Ann Ressler is a “woman of faith who lives by example and is also a cherished friend to many." It is hard to imagine a more deserving recipient of the EPPIIC award in the category of compassion.

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