Faculty Forms Center

Degree Progress and Completion Forms

Application for Admission to Degree Candidacy 

Intended for students seeking to advance to degree candidacy in their master's degree program. Degree candidacy requirements and processes vary by department. Please speak to your advisor regarding your program's policies for degree candidacy. Some programs require an exam, while some programs just require a minimum number of completed credits. Not all programs require the completion of this form.

Application for Graduation 

Intended for students working in the final semester of their master's program and seeking to be evaluated for graduation.

Application for Certificate Completion

Intended for students working in the final semester of their certificate program (Gifted, Nursing Education, or Family Nurse Practitioner) and seeking to be evaluated for completion. This form is not for students seeking Pennsylvania Department of Education Certification. It is for Millersville certificates only (Gifted, Nursing Education, or Family Nurse Practitioner). If you are in a teacher certification program, you will need to complete appropriate paperwork with the Millersville Certification Office.

Change of Graduate Curriculum for Master's Degree and Supervisory Certification Programs 

Intended for students seeking to change their current master's degree or supervisory certification program to another master's degree or supervisory certification program at MU. This form can also be used to add/change a concentration or add an additional subject area to your supervisory certification. Students should note that additional information may be necessary for the department in addition to this form. THIS FORM IS NOT FOR POST-BACCALAUREATE CERTIFICATION CHANGES OR ADDITIONS. For post-baccalaureate certification, you are required to submit a new application for the certification you wish to add or change.

Thesis / Dissertation Request Form

Intended for students seeking to complete a thesis or dissertation.

Independent Study Form


Curriculum and Course Forms

Request for MU Course Substitution

Intended for students seeking to substitute a required course in a graduate program with another graduate course at MU (from within their home program or from a different program).

This form is not for post-baccalaureate certification students. PB Certification students should click to this form.

Request for Transfer of Credit Back to MU

Intended for matriculating students seeking to take a course at another university to transfer back to their master's degree program at MU. Prior approval from the adviser, graduate coordinator, and dean of graduate studies and research is necessary.

Transcript Review of Graduate Courses Completed at Another Institution Prior to Admission at MU 

Intended for students seeking to transfer credit for graduate courses taken at another regionally accredited institution prior to their MU admission. Please note that transfer credit will not be awarded for courses taken elsewhere that were specifically used in the completion of another degree program.

Transcript Review of Graduate Courses Completed at MU

Intended for students seeking to transfer credit for graduate courses completed at MU in programs (including non-degree status) other than the one they are planning to pursue.

Undergraduate Student Permission to Enroll in Graduate Course for Graduate Credit

Intended for undergraduate students who wish to enroll in a graduate level (500- or 600-) course for graduate credit. Students must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA and have a maximum of 15 credits to be completed in their baccalaureate program. A non-degree graduate student application must be submitted in addition to this form.

Graduate Academic Appeals

GAAC Notice of Appeal Decision

Requires three signatures from Graduate Academic Appeal Committee members. Official notice of academic dismissal appeal.

Appeal Process Timeline

An overview of the entire appeal process, including dates of meetings and deadlines.

Graduate Faculty - Coordinator Appeal Feedback Form

Intended for Graduate Faculty - Coordinator. Requires signature and final decision of Coordinator regarding a student's appeal.

Appeal Meeting Questions

Questions to be asked to the student requesting dismissal appeal. Contact the Graduate Studies Office for the list of questions.

Graduate Student Academic Appeal Form and Guidelines

Intended for the student that wishes to submit an appeal regarding their academic dismissal and have their case brought up to the Graduate Academic Appeal Committee.