The Graduate Journal

Online Submissions For Fall 2024

Invitation to Publish in MUsings: The Graduate Journal

Graduate students at Millersville University are invited to publish their scholarly and creative work in MUsings: The Graduate Journal for the Fall 2024 issue.

MUsings: The Graduate Journal will be accepting work that deals with a broad range of topics. For example, graduate students may submit research reports, reflections on international studies projects, personal essays on experiential learning, papers about pedagogy, literary and film criticism, or essays on cultural theory.

The Graduate Journal also seeks creative nonfiction, short stories, flash fiction, poetry, multi-genre writing, and visual art. Innovative, intense scholarship and daring aesthetic efforts will be considered.

Access digital issues of MUsings here.

Submissions will open over the summer  Graduate students are encouraged to update their favorite graduate projects to be published in The Graduate Journal for Fall 2024.

Submit more than one research paper, prose piece, or personal essay, increasing the chances of publication while providing the Graduate Editors with more choices for content.  Please submit finished articles, rather than works-in-progress.

Submission guidelines: Up to three prose submissions (scholarly or creative) less than 10,000 words in length. Submit up to five poems or visual works or art using the form below.


Graduate Journal Submission Form

Graduate Journal

Graduate Journal

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