The Ware Center

Located in the heart of downtown Lancaster, The Ware Center is host to many of our undergraduate, graduate, and adult learning courses at Millersville University. With over 20 classrooms, The Ware Center accommodates classes for nearly 1000 Millersville University students every Fall and Spring semester. If you are not sure if you have a class at The Ware Center, check your schedule. Courses held at The Ware Center will be designated "OFFCP 42P" under location.

To contact The Ware Center directly, call the front desk at 717-871-7018.

You can also contact the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning (CGSAL) office at 717-871-7171 with any questions or concerns. 

FACULTY - courses designated as "OFFCP 42P" during fall and spring terms will be assigned a room by CGSAL and reflected on the Web Schedule. Classes are not scheduled at The Ware Center during summer and winter. Contact for assistance with special classroom requests.

For more information about the Arts Program, you can check out The Arts at Millersville University web page.

Location and Parking


The Ware Center is located at 42 North Prince Street, Lancaster, PA 17603.


Message for Parking

The process for parking downtown has changed, taking effect in Fall 2019. Students taking a class at The Ware Center may continue to park, free of charge, in the Prince Street Parking Garage (downtown Lancaster) with the purchase of a Millersville University campus permit. Students purchasing a permit will be issued a parking voucher by university police on duty at The Ware Center. Students choosing not to purchase a campus permit, may find available on-street parking (free after 6 p.m. weekdays).

With this new process, plastic parking passes will no longer be in use. Students are no longer required to fill out forms to park in the Prince Street Garage or pick up and return parking passes to Lyle Hall. If you happen to have a plastic pass in your possession, please return it to CGSAL, located on the second floor in Lyle Hall. You may also return the plastic pass to front desk staff at The Ware Center when you arrive for class.

Additional details about the process to purchase a permit and the cost is available using the link below to the Millersville University Parking Division. Specific questions about parking permits should be directed to the University Parking Office (717-871-5964).