Ad Astra Society

The Ad Astra Society was established at Millersville University to recognize alumni who graduated 50 or more years ago.  During the 50th reunion celebration, alumni are presented with a special pin to commemorate their induction into the Ad Astra Society. 

In the 1880’s, as the First Pennsylvania State Normal School, Millersville began the tradition of using a seven pointed star and the words “Ad Astra” to represent the idea of reaching for the stars. These stars, which could be seen on buildings as well as on pins that students wore, have the letters M, N, S in several places. The letters stand for the Millersville Normal School and represent the goal of each student to reach for the stars ‐‐ not only in their collegiate lives, but in their lives after graduation, as well. This seven pointed star became a symbol that is still seen around campus today.