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Jonathan Egger ’06 and Ivy (Cohen) Egger ’07 met nearly 20 years ago at their Millersville University freshman convocation in 2002. He started his freshman year after recently moving from Pittsburgh and began to get to know his peers at Millersville University. His first friend was his roommate, Brandon Yanna. During their freshman activities, Jonathan and Brandon walked together to Lyte Auditorium for the convocation. Jonathan could not have known how impactful his seat choice would be in changing his life. The two roommates ended up sitting next to Ivy. After mustering up some courage, Jonathan started a conversation with Ivy. Eventually, the freshmen were instructed to exchange contact information with a few of their peers, so they had some people to reach out to as their college experience began. Jonathan only took down Ivy’s contact information.

Months passed as their first semester was full of normal interactions as acquaintances. It was during their second semester at MU that Jonathan and Ivy finally had a class together. On September 5, 2003, Jonathan and Ivy met at the Gordinier Hall for lunch when one of Ivy’s friends approached. The friend proceeded to ask Ivy if Jonathan was her boyfriend, and she said yes. Neither Jonathan nor Ivy asked one another out for a date. “It was one of those deals where it just happened,” Jonathan stated.

In Jonathan’s words, the rest was history. Jonathan graduated from MU in 2006, while Ivy graduated soon after in 2007. They dated for about seven years before finally getting married on the “triple ten” (10/10/2010). Eleven years later, they are still very happy together and have a five-year-old son named Jacob. They currently both work for Ivy’s father, where they sell trucks and truck parts. Ivy also has her own art business on the side, which goes back to her roots in college as an art major, and she continues to enjoy painting.

Jonathan and Ivy’s story is an example that the simplest of choices can be incredibly powerful. He states, “You never know what impact someone is going to have on you, or just the event of meeting somebody. You just never know where life is going to take you.”


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Left: Jonathan and Ivy at Millersville University.

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Left: Jonathan and Ivy's wedding photo from 10/10/2010. 

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