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A love for the performing arts and a passion for children inspired Linda Rae Krov ’09 to pursue a career in education. Since 2009, she has focused on impacting the lives of youth, and in 2014, Krov was a founding member of KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) Academy Boston. Part of the larger national network of KIPP charter schools, KIPP Academy Boston is a K-8 public charter school that accepts students from traditionally underserved communities.

krov3.jpgKrov, who comes from small town Milford, NJ, recalls that her college search led her to a variety of campuses in different states. She ultimately chose Millersville for the quality of its music education program. Throughout her visit, she was impressed by the highly proficient ensemble performances, the engagement of the student volunteers and the interactions that she had with different professors. “Their knowledge of content was obvious,” she says, “but it was the zest and passion for music from both faculty and students” that set MU apart. Krov would go on to study Music Education with a focus in voice, while also pursuing a theater minor.

Krov recalls that theater professor Tony Elliot had the greatest impact on her evolution from student to educator. Elliot was Krov’s advisor, director and professor. “He always pushed me to go outside my comfort zone as a performer and have a ton of fun while doing it. I vividly remember him writing notes to each cast member of our theatrical productions to read on opening night. It wasn’t a form letter – he wrote to each of us individually. These notes always helped to ease my nerves going into a show, and this tradition is something that I’ve continued.”

“I always tell my students about the professor who inspired the tradition, as well as his pre-show catch phrase—‘First time, every time’—a reminder that it was the audience’s first time seeing the show, even if it was our 200th performance.” In addition to those fond memories of her time at the school, Krov remembers the efforts of student volunteers when she was first touring Millersville, and says that she always tries to give her time to the university when she can, even returning for a few performance benefits.

krov1.jpgKrov’s proudest achievement has been working with a team of teachers to open KIPP Academy Boston and creating a successful performing arts program there. This year, the school’s program will expand to add a middle school. “My students at KIPP Academy Boston are truly gifted performers and epitomize professionalism, even starting in kindergarten.” In fact, 75 students who began as kindergarteners in Krov’s classroom will soon advance to the middle school program that she helped establish. “My job at KIPP Boston has been to essentially create the program,” she says. This involves not just teaching, but also coaching other arts teachers across five schools in Massachusetts, creating curriculum and lessons, producing musicals and writing grants. She even creates sets and sews costumes.

Krov’s primary goal is to provide all of her students the skills they need to be a positive influence on the world. The hard work and dedication of Krov and her students earned them an invitation to perform at an event at the Edward Kennedy Center for the United States Senate last year. Krov sees the performing arts as a great way to supplement students’ other course work and to build confidence in the process, and she’s grateful for her time at the ‘Ville, which continues to inspire her work to this day.






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