Marvelous Marauders



Millersville University was established in 1855 as the Lancaster County Normal School, the first state normal school in Pennsylvania. It subsequently changed its name to Millersville State Normal School in 1859 and Millersville later became a state teachers’ college in 1927. It was renamed Millersville State College in 1959 and officially became Millersville University of Pennsylvania in 1983.

Marvelous Marauders

About Marvelous Marauders

The Millersville University Marvelous Marauders program was created in honor of the 40th anniversary of Millersville becoming a university. This inaugural program will recognize alumni who have demonstrated dedication, professional achievement, excellence, and most importantly, a commitment to staying engaged with Millersville University after graduating. Nominees are judged specifically on the impact of the nominee’s professional/vocational work and/or service to the MU community.

Award Eligibility & Criteria

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  • Timeline

    The timeline for the awards process is as follows:

    • Fall 2022: Nominations open
    • Friday, February 10, 2023: Nominations close
    • Spring/Summer 2023: Marvelous Marauders are announced
  • Meet the Selection Committee

    Voting Members
    Rich Barbacane ’70
    Joan Caruso '73
    Dexter Davis ’77
    Mindy Richards ’84
    Leizel Schlott '22
    David Sigler '02
    Margaret Thorwart '17
    Denise Werner ’96

    MU Faculty/Administrator
    Audrey Bare, Assistant Director, Mentorship, ELCM

    Student Representative
    Alyssa Messner '23

    Advisors (non-voting)
    Kristin Schab – Director of Alumni Engagement
    Lindsay Sanborn – Digital Gifts Officer

  • Marvelous Marauder Promotion

    It is our hope that the alumni recipients will represent just a sample of incredible MU alumni success stories and inspire and motivate current and future alumni leaders for years to come. The Millersville University Office of Alumni Engagement will proudly honor these members of the MU community, all of whom have made an impact on their industries, their communities, their alma mater, and others' lives around the world.

    Following the release of our 40 Marvelous Marauders, the Office of Alumni Engagement will work to feature each Marauder through social media and other multimedia channels.

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