Collaboration With Government

Collaboration with Government

Millersville University and the Borough of Millersville
have had a lengthy history of jointly serving both students and residents. The University is proud of its contributions to the Borough, including:

  • The donation of training tools and funds to Millersville Fire Company for the Intelligent Fire Training System Base Unite Package transport case and four Smart Extinguishers.
  • Leadership through a loaned executive to the Borough's 250th Anniversary Committee and Community Parade.
  • Funding support for the borough's Vision 2020 strategic planning process.

The University works with Millersville Borough officials on initiatives to improve streets and parking, safe residential areas and to reduce student alcohol abuse. A Sociology faculty member and Borough representatives, with the support of a PA Liquor Control Board grant, are working to address underage students with high-risk behaviors.

Millersville University participates in the Lancaster Partnership.

Millersville University hosts a regional office for the US Department of Commerce. Deborah Doherty, Director, US Export Assistance Center, is housed on campus in the Cumberland House.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) enlisted the help of the Millersville University Weather Information Center (MUWIC) led by Eric J. Horst, Director of the Weather Information Center, to provide Snow Warning Service to Perry, Cumberland, Franklin, Adams, York, Lancaster, Dauphin, and Lebanon counties.

Millersville University has entered into a partnership with the National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP), the Mercury Deposition Network (MDN), and the PA-Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to monitor the deposition of ions and trace metals in precipitation in the Millersville area for a period of at least five years. This project [], led by Dr. Richard Clark of the Earth Sciences Department, utilizes the help of a select group of meteorology and chemistry students.

Millersville University Faculty have received competitive grants from government agencies for program development and research in post-hurricane management analysis, mosquito management, occupational safety and environmental health training, radar imagery on the sea surface, the Pennsylvania Governor's Institute for Technology Education, and the Pennsylvania Governor's Institute for Mathematics Education.