Wellness Coaching for Students


Wellness coaching is an individualized process meant for helping students achieve a higher level of overall well-being and performance during their academic career.

What does Coaching Look Like?

Student Wellness Coaches will advocate on behalf of students seeking services and bridge the gap between existing barriers to wellness. Through active listening, the Wellness Coaches will provide wholistic support to students in a caring and compassionate manner and utilize problem-solving skills to reach the student’s goals.

These individuals are responsible for assessing the needs of the student providing therapeutic case management and resource navigation services as needed. Additionally, monitoring student’s progress toward goals will be key to success.

Areas of Focus:

Stress Wellness coaches want all students to find positive ways to manage stress. A wellness coach can assist you in exploring different forms of stress management, coping mechanisms, and other healthy habits.
Sleep Sleep is essential in allowing your body to support your brain function and maintain your physical health (National Institute of Health). Meeting with a wellness coach gives you the OPPORTUNITY to explore the best sleeping habits for you.
Substance Use A wellness coach can help you reflect on how substance use may impact your life and can connect you with desired resources.
Social Support  If you are looking for increased connection, a wellness coach can guide you to create a plan to form more meaningful relationships and/or connect you with different resources, organizations, clubs, etc.