Peer Education Program

Peer Educators

The Millersville University Peer Education program is a multi-program, multi-tiered effort to provide students with knowledge and skills so that they can effectively identify and initiate personal behavior change as well as positively impact and influence the campus community to decrease high risk behaviors.  

The Peer Educators offer a variety of awareness programs for the University community.  These are interactive presentations that can be presented to resident halls, athletic teams, fraternities, sororities, clubs, or other organizations.
The programs (each approximately 1 hour in length) include:

Alcohol and Other Drugs:

A Shot of Reality:  A discussion about the use of alcohol on campus.  Students learn risk reduction strategies as well as ways to avoid social pressures.  Additionally, students learn the signs of alcohol poisoning and how the law plays a role.

Chasing that First High: An interactive program on substance abuse and addiction.  Students are provided with updated information about drugs that may be used by college students, will learn skills to recognize if someone has an addiction or is abusing drugs and where to find help on campus and in the community.

Wasted Safety: Interactive program discussing alcohol poisoning, alcoholism, and ways to intervene as a bystander.

Body and Mind:

Conquering College: This program identifies major stressors students may face during their time in college and the resources on campus available to them. Students will learn different stress management techniques that will become useful to them during their college experience.

Minding Your Mind: This program is designed to provide students with knowledge of good mental health practices and how to identify and address common mental health concerns. Students will learn the difference between depression, anxiety, and stress and how daily actions may influence mental health positively or negatively.

Choices Student-Athlete Program:

Alcohol Awareness: The Choices student-athletes work with the NCAA and club sports on campus to provide alcohol awareness educational programming.  Contact us for additional information on what the peer educators can bring to your organization.

Greek Life Peer Educators:

Peer educators who are currently members of a fraternity or sorority on campus offer educational programming to their fellow Greek Life organizations on alcohol and sexual assault.   Contact us for additional information on what the Greek Life peer educators can bring to your organization.

Sexual Responsibility/Healthy Relationships:

Rubberware Party: A fun and interactive way to discuss contraception and their role in safer sex practices.

Sex & Chocolate: This question and answer session provides an opportunity to openly talk about relationships and to ask questions about sex and relationships.

STI KahootThe Sexual Responsibilities project has reinvigorated their old STI Bingo program to bring a better-than-ever STI Kahoot that gives participants an opportunity to test their STI knowledge and learn the best ways to keep themselves and others clean in a fun way.

Karlie's Angels:

Red Flags: This program focuses on dating and domestic violence through providing information on the signs of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and the red flag indicators of dating abuse, and well as helping students know available resources on and off campus.

Escalation: From the One Love Foundation, this program includes a film that illuminates the warning signs of an unhealthy and potentially dangerous relationship followed by a discussion about relationships, how to identify warning signs in unhealthy relationships, and how to be an active bystander (90 minutes).

Behind the Post: Billions of photos are posted on social media every day, but can you really see the big picture through the small ones? Behind the Post is a 7-minute video followed by a discussion on how social media can skew our view of the relationships around us and, in some cases, influence our decisions to stay in them. 

How To Request a Program

To request a peer education program, please complete the online request form:  Fill out online

When requesting a program:

  • Please provide us with a minimum of 2 weeks notice.
  • We do not present programs on Wednesday evenings between 9pm and 10:30pm due to our weekly meeting.
  • After requesting a program, expect to receive an email response within 3 business days (with the exception of holidays and breaks) indicating that your request was received.
  • You will receive a program confirmation via email within a business week (with the exception of holidays and breaks) after requesting the program unless noted otherwise by the student manager.
  • Please respond to the email confirmation within 3 days indicating that everything is set for the program.

Tel: 717-871-4141