B.A. Entertainment Technology

Today’s entertainment world of live concerts, television, film, web-casting and theatre incorporates vast amounts of complex technology combined with artistic demand. It requires the discipline and dedication of armies of knowledgeable and skilled professionals. Now and in the foreseeable future, those students who are equipped with a balance of technology and creativity along with all the related problem-solving skills will be in high demand.

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Program Description

The B.A. in Entertainment Technology is the ideal opportunity to combine training in live entertainment, art & design, computer, and technology disciplines that several industry sectors consider high demand areas. Students learn to balance creative vision with technological know-how through theory and practice. The 'hands-on' experiential learning and production opportunities, along with internships and support from our industry partners, prepare students for an exciting and growing range of careers.

  • Program Objectives

    The B.A. in Entertainment Technology prepares students for the in-demand jobs of today and the future. Overall, graduates of the program will:

    1. Demonstrate the core disciplinary knowledge and concepts that shape entertainment technology and apply that knowledge to areas of specialization;

    2. Use various technologies to creatively address entertainment related design and production complexities;

    3. Work and communicate within highly collaborative production teams, and engage in design-thinking.

    Students are equipped with a mix of technological know-how, design thinking, and all the related practical skills. Competencies and knowledge areas focus on the study of Entertainment Technology along with developing students' area of specialization. More specifically, students will:

    • Demonstrate foundational knowledge in Entertainment Technology and two or more creative disciplines or other associated media and technologies - i.e. vocabularies, generative processes, notational systems, editing systems, phases of production/exhibition/distribution, fundamental business practices

    • Analyze technical challenges/projects using appropriate concepts and theory

    • Devise technical solutions through an understanding of various technologies to support story-telling, narrative and other content structures.

    • Respond to various artistic/design goals as well as other technological, social, cultural, and educational systems/requirements in developing their technical solutions.

    • Create cohesive design documentation for the physical & technical components of production for performance to be seen live, transmitted, or recorded.

    • Accomplish professional assignments through collaborative work and/or organizing collaborations among various disciplines.

    • Understand what is effective, artistic, efficient, usable, and desirable as it relates to audience-centered creative work

    • Identify and demonstrate best practices in safety, industry regulations and standards, and ethical considerations and practices related to entertainment.

    • Exhibit a portfolio of accomplished work in the student’s professional emphasis.

    Students will be ready for successful life careers by adopting both a desire for lifelong learning and the agile mindset needed to stay competitive in a growing industry with future technologies.

  • Degree Requirements

    Core Requirements

    • Stagecraft | THEA 120 | 3cr

    • Vectorworks | ENTC 222 | 3cr

    • Theatrical Lighting & Sound | ENTC 221 | 3cr

    • Stage Design | THEA 312 | 3cr

    • Advanced Production Techniques | ENTC 313 | 3cr

    • Practicum in Production | THEA 201 | 3cr - 1cr/semester

    • Independent Study / Capstone Project | ENTC 498 | 3cr

    • Internship or Co-Op | ENTC 300 | 3cr

    Advanced Requirements

    | 15 credits, 5 courses chosen from list |

    • Intro to Audio-Video | COMM 121 | 3cr

    • Theatre Appreciation | THEA 217 | 3cr

    • Theatre Management | THEA 350 | 3cr

    • Costume and Make-up | THEA 310 | 3cr

    • Production & Stage Management | THEA 412 | 3cr

    • Scenic Painting for Stage & Media | ENTC 320 | 3cr
    • Portfolios & Careers | THEA 412 | 3cr

    • Topics: Stage Voice | THEA 412 | 3cr

    • Internship / Co-Op (advanced) | ENTC 400 | 3cr

    • Topics in Entertainment Technology | ENTC 495 | 3cr
    • Communications/Info Systems | ITECH 110 | 3cr

    • Drafting Communication | ITECH 241 | 3cr

    • Technical Sketching, Design, Rendering | ITECH 243 | 3cr

    • Electronic Systems | ITECH 261 | 3cr

    • Digital Imaging | ITECH 351 | 3cr

    PLEASE NOTE: Entertainment Technology courses are transitioning from THEA to ENTC designations. This page will be updated as courses transition.

  • Industry Expert Advisory Group

    Glen Brodersen
    Sight & Sound Theatres

    Scott Church
    4Wall Entertainment

    Geza Divenyi

    Sean Hennessey

    Shae Langley

    Brian Leister
    Columbus McKinnon

    Joe McMonagle
    Atomic Design

    Brandon Martin
    American Music Theatre

    Mike Rhoads
    Atomic Design

    John Sellars
    The Metropolitan Opera (New York)

    Heather Storm
    Hershey Entertainment

    Troy Thorn
    Sight & Sound Theatres

    Jay Withlee