B.S. in Media Arts Production

Program Overview

Imagine: Lights. Camera. Action! Engage in a hands-on curriculum that meets the needs of today’s media landscape in our ever-changing world. The media industry demands occupational readiness through a larger and more varied skill set than ever before which our program provides. Convergence within the media marketplace has created a more fluid and open-ended production landscape in our region and nationally as content can be sent to any platform, including television, film, or digital. 

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Why Study This Program

A B.S. in Media Arts Production allows students to gain a vast skill set both inside and outside of the classroom. Get in front of or behind the lens of the camera. Pick up a microphone. Develop production expertise, and gain a deep understanding of the tools and traits that mean success in the exhilarating and fast-paced industry of media arts production. Developing media is more relevant than ever so our majors learn every aspect of storytelling and content creation for broadcast and film, from concept to distribution: planning, writing, directing, producing, shooting and editing. Massive shifts in the media industry have created a new overarching term called “content creator.” Join our program to learn how to be a Content Creator, through communication, creativity and collaboration.

Program Objectives include:

  1. Develop an in-depth historical and conceptual understanding of the nature and function of the media.
  2. Critically examine media products and the interplay between media, culture, society, and political systems.
  3. Produce media projects with sophisticated content and technical prowess.
  4. Acquire knowledge and skills to write for different genres and environments including broadcast and new media.
  5. Understand clearly the dynamics of a production team and work effectively as a team member.
  6. Acquire knowledge and skills to work within media institutions.
  7. Develop leadership skills in directing and producing a wide range of media projects.

What Will You Learn?

Millersville University's Media Arts Production staff prides itself on offering a diverse and extensive courseload where students will expand their passion and skill set in the area of Media Arts production. 

Our alliances with regional industry leaders and cross-disciplinary partners continue to provide an updated curriculum and rewarding opportunities for collaboration and networking.

The Media Arts Production program helps students learn to create original content across genres to inform, entertain, persuade and enlighten audiences by learning creative, management and production processes and hands-on experiences to build your portfolio of digital content. The curriculum is designed to help students practice and reinforce industry specific skills and standards in a professional media workflow while juggling projects, meeting tight deadlines, and collaborating with production teams. Your end goal is success in the regionally and nationally growing media landscape.

Collaboration across disciplines with other students, faculty, community partners, and industry professionals through internships, workshops, media productions, career networking and leadership experiences makes us unique in this region.

Our program is committed to delivering a high-quality, forward-thinking educational experience, providing innovative, academically challenging and professionally relevant learning opportunities. Students leave the program well prepared to be lifelong learners and contributing citizens to both the local and global community.

Beginning Your Program

In your first two years, you will enroll in hands-on classes that build your production and crew skills, producing and writing abilities in a variety of media types as you prepare to move on to more advanced class projects. You’ll also study the economic, political, social and cultural power of media to critically examine the media products you make.

Later in your program

In your third and fourth year, you will take advanced production classes and electives where you will complete internships and build your creative portfolio.

This program gives you exposure and practice with a variety of software, technologies and production gear for studio and on-location production in preparation for the media marketplace.

The Media Arts Production option is available as a Communication minor.



“I would not be where I am in my career without Millersville's Broadcasting program. The University's classes and club organizations like MUTV and NBS (National Broadcasting Society) allowed me to get hands-on experience, and face my fear of being in front of a camera. I was so lucky to have professors who cared about my success, too.”

- Samantha Galvez '13 | Broadcasting