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Campus work life has changed dramatically at Millersville University and it will continue to evolve. Everyone who comes to campus must adjust to the new manner of doing work. Almost all normal work procedures have changed to try to mitigate the risks posed by the COVID-19 virus. All returning employees must watch the Safety Protocols for Returning to Campus video.  Detailed information about returning to campus is available in the Health and Safety Plan and within the FAQs below.

Keeping Employees Safe

Masks and Face Shields

Campus Work Life


Transportation and Travel

Bias and Discrimination


Cleaning and Housekeeping

Workers Compensation

  • Keeping Employees Safe - What is my responsibility to keep myself, and others, safe (when working on campus)?

    Everyone on the Millersville University campus this fall has a personal responsibility to practice proper hygiene, social distancing and the use of face coverings. All students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus are required to adhere to the policies, protocols and guidelines in the Health & Safety Plan for their own protection, the protection of others and the protection of those in our community.


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  • Keeping Employees Safe - What is the university doing to protect employees who are working on campus?

    The University has implemented several changes to ensure our employees are working in safe environments. Please refer to the Health & Safety plan.


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  • Keeping Employees Safe - Will employees be part of the random COVID-19 testing on campus?

    Yes, employees who work on campus may be selected for random asymptomatic testing. Each week, if there are additional open testing slots employees who work on campus will receive an email and be eligible to volunteer for an asymptomatic test.

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  • Keeping Employees Safe - Can we still use our break/lunchroom?

    To comply with the social distancing guidelines, lunchrooms may be reconfigured to provide adequate separation between individuals. Alternating breaks and lunches with the proper self-performed disinfection in between uses is the recommended option. Eating at your desk is also a viable alternative.


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  • Masks and Face Shields - Do I need to wear a mask?

    Yes. If you don’t have a mask please contact your supervisor. Please refer to the Health & Safety Plan for additional information on masks and face shields.

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  • Masks and Face Shields - Do I have to wear a mask if I’m more than six feet from others?

    Everyone must wear a mask in indoor areas, even when more than six feet from others.  If you are working alone in an office, driving alone in a vehicle, or eating or drinking you are not required to wear a mask but you must have your mask with you in case you encounter someone else.  Masks are required outside if social distancing cannot be maintained.

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  • Masks and Face Shields - Is it safe to wear a mask all day?

    Yes, it is safe to wear a mask all day, for long periods of time. Wearing a mask all day does not have any physical restrictions. Nurses and doctors wear masks throughout 8, 10 and 12-hour shifts.

    Vanderbilt University Medical Center has additional information on wearing maks https://www.vumc.org/coronavirus/latest-news-you-asked-we-answered/does-prolonged-wearing-facemask-cause-harm.


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  • Masks and Face Shields - What expectations are there for vendors and contractors?

    Contractors and vendor service providers must wear a mask while on University property and while outside if unable to maintain social distancing. Masks will be supplied by the contractor/vendor.

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  • Masks and Face Shields - What do I do if I see a vendor/contractor without a mask?

    Please contact the Facilities Management Department or your supervisor.

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  • Masks and Face Shields - May I wear a face shield instead of a mask?

    Face shields are permitted; however, those who choose to use a face shield (and not also wear a face mask) must be aware that a face shield is not as protective as a well-fitted mask that covers the mouth and nose, tightly but comfortably.

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  • Campus Work Life - How do I know if I need to report to campus or continue to work remotely?

    Please check with your supervisor. There may be times where the supervisor/department head must assign a schedule that is not exactly what you prefer. You are expected to work the schedule assigned by your supervisor unless you have qualifying medical reasons not to do so (these exceptions must be requested and approved through the online process – details are available here).

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  • Campus Work Life - Will all campus buildings have normal hours?

    Some buildings such as the Student Memorial Center, Gordinier dining hall and the McNairy Library, will have varied hours.  Please check the website before visiting a building.

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  • Campus Work Life - Why do I need to schedule an appointment to visit departments/individuals in other buildings?

    In order to reduce face-to-face interactions and limit the occupancy (density) of building populations, many normal University services will be available by appointment only.

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  • Campus Work Life - We need signage and/or Plexiglass barriers for our department. Can I order them on our P-Card?

    Procurement and installation of shields or barriers will be completed by the Facilities Management Department. Departments may not procure and install their own barriers.


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  • Campus Work Life - Can I have an in-person meeting on campus this semester?

    Yes, please refer to the Health & Safety Plan for details, or ask your supervisor.


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  • Campus Work Life - Will I have access to MU athletic facilities?

    Some outside facilities including the track will be open, as will the tennis courts. 

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  • Campus Work Life - Can I host an event on campus?

    Decisions on events will be made on a case-by-case basis, depending on crowd size, the location, the activity and many other COVID-19 mitigation factors. These guidelines will apply to all in-person events, held by all University stakeholders including faculty, staff, students, administers, alumni and campus guests.

    Internal event requests should go through the normal event approval procedure for your office/department. Once approved by your supervisor, contact Environmental Health and Safety by emailing Patrick.weidinger@millersville.edu or Gail.fellows@millersville.edu for guidance on how to safely execute an event. The event request will then be reviewed by the IMT before a final decision is made.

    Outside groups requesting facility rentals or event assistance, please contact Lydia Yeager, assistant director of Conference Services at Lydia.Yeager@millersville.edu. Outside events will also be reviewed by the IMT before a final decision is made.

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  • Campus Work Life - If I need to make a purchase directly related to COVID-19, is there an account to use?

    Yes, there are COVID accounts to charge approved purchases to.



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  • Dining - Will campus dining facilities be open for staff?

    Yes, food will be served at the Upper Deck and the Marauder Express Food truck will be available. Details on operating hours and locations will be announced in ‘Ville Daily.


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  • Dining - Will dining operations be any different?

    Facilities have been modified to maintain social distancing:

    • Face masks will be required at all dining operations until seated and customers will be asked to comply with floor markings/stickers to ensure proper social distancing.
    • Seating in all campus dining areas will be reduced to comply with appropriate guidelines.
    • Floor markings indicate where you should stand in line to maintain social distancing.
    • Plexiglass barricades will be in place at point-of-sale and transaction locations.
    • Spaces have been modified to allow for pickup of food to minimize contact time between server and recipient.
    • Hand sanitizer stations will be located around the dining areas.
    • Enhanced sanitation measures will occur including periods of closure for thorough cleaning.
    • The Marauder Express mobile dining unit will be on campus and everyone is encouraged to eat outdoors when possible.


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  • Transportation and Travel - May I travel for University business?

    University sponsored travel is restricted, with a few exceptions.

    • All exceptions must be approved by your supervisor and corresponding cabinet member.
    • Travel outside of Pennsylvania is prohibited except with the permission of one’s direct supervisor and only for rare and exceptional circumstances.


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  • Transportation and Travel - If I've traveled, do I need to quarantine?

    If you have traveled, or plan to travel, to an area where there are high amounts of COVID-19 cases, it is recommended that you stay at home for 14 days upon return to Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has more information for travelers at https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/Travelers.aspx.

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  • Bias and Discrimination - What do I do if I am experiencing bias or discrimination because of being associated with COVID-19?

    Reports can be made through the Office of Diversity and Social Justice’s Inclusive Community Report Form or to Human Resources.

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  • Bias and Discrimination - What should I do if I observe someone showing bias or discrimination towards someone they believe has COVID-19?

    Reports can be made through the Office of Diversity and Social Justice’s Inclusive Community Report Form or to Human Resources.


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  • Health - What do I need to do to come on campus?

    Effective Aug. 21, the University added COVID Screening to the LiveSafe App that is already in place for Millersville University. This new feature replaces the in-person daily screenings at Health Services.  

    Employees and students should download the LiveSafe App to their smart phone. Once the app is downloaded every student and employee will be required to answer the screening questions before coming to class and/or campus. Those who complete the questionnaire and do not have symptoms will receive a green checkmark indicating that you are cleared and can report to work or class. 

    Receiving a red X indicates that you are at risk for COVID. If you get a red X, employees should consult your healthcare provider and supervisor before reporting to campus, and students should contact Health Services before leaving their residence hall or home.

    Be prepared to show proof to your supervisor/professor that you have completed the process.


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  • Health - Will the University have the COVID vaccine available?

    Currently, the University does not have any vaccines. We recommend that if you are interested in receiving the vaccine that you get on as many lists as possible.

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  • Health - Is the vaccine safe?

    Millersville's medical director Dr. Weaver talks about the safety of the vaccine in this video - - Dr. Weaver discusses vaccine

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  • Health - I am only coming to campus for a few minutes, do I have to stop and get a health screening?

    All MU faculty, staff & student employees returning to campus, regardless of how long you will be on campus need to either fill out the LiveSafe form or stop at Health Services.


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  • Health - Who do I contact with questions about the employee health screening process?

    Please contact your supervisor, Environmental Health and Safety at patrick.weidinger@millersville.edu, or Health Services at hservices@millersville.edu. 

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  • Health - Do student workers also need to complete health screenings?

    Yes, the same rules apply to all student workers, including GA’s.

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  • Health - What should I do if I take my temperature and it is above 100.4 F or I feel ill and have any of the COVID-19 symptoms?

    If you develop a fever, cough or other symptoms, stay home and only leave to seek medical care. Do not report to work and contact your supervisor. Supervisors should then contact Health Services and/or Environmental Health and Safety to report a possible case of infection in their area.

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  • Health - What should I do if I know that I’ve been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or I test positive?

    Notify your supervisor immediately. If you have symptoms, contact your health care provider or your nearest Urgent Care center for further instructions. 

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  • Health - My supervisor has informed me that I’m expected to report to work on campus, but I am at high-risk for COVID-19 (as determined by the CDC). What should I do?

    Employees and student workers who are considered high risk by the CDC and who are expected to work on campus should complete the Fall 2020 Accommodations Request form, available here.

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  • Cleaning and Housekeeping - Will Housekeeping staff wipe down my office each night?

    Housekeeping staff will routinely clean workspaces, classrooms and public spaces. Additionally, surfaces frequently touched by multiple people, such as door handles, handrails, light switches, elevator buttons and faucets, will be cleaned and disinfected more frequently. Every member of the Millersville University community has a joint responsibility for sanitation in their own work area and when using shared resources.


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  • Cleaning and Housekeeping - Can I bring my own cleaning supplies to campus?

    The University will supply sanitation and disinfecting supplies, which will be available at centrally located sanitation stations around campus. Employees may not remove supplies from the sanitation stations to store in their personal workspace.   

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  • Cleaning and Housekeeping - How long will it take for housekeepers to clean my classroom?

    Cleaning of classrooms and other highly occupied areas will take longer to perform than regular and routine surface cleaning.  When possible, classes will be scheduled to allow housekeeping staff to thoroughly clean rooms before they are reoccupied.


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  • Cleaning and Housekeeping - Can I bring in a personal UV light or HEPA fan/filter for my office and/or department?

    No, employees are not permitted to bring in their own devices. Please see the Health & Safety Plan for more information on UV lights and HEPA fans and filters.


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  • Workers Compensation - I believe I contracted COVID-19 at work. Is the illness covered under PA Workers' Compensation laws?

    Yes, but since it is difficult to know if a person who contracts COVID-19 got the virus at work (because the virus is everywhere), it may not be covered by our workers' compensation carrier. No test can determine exactly where and when a person contracts COVID-19.

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