Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19

The following frequently asked questions are grouped by topic. If you have a question that is not listed, please submit your concern using our contact form.







  • Academic – Am I able to continue my work study, and will I continue to be paid?

    Students are encouraged to contact their supervisors to discuss options for remote work. Students who are able to work remotely are required to log their hours as they normally do so. 

    For the pay period of 3/14/20 through 3/27/20 (pay date of 4/10/20) student workers will receive their average pay based on the last 5 pay periods, or the actual hours worked, whichever sum is greater. 

    Communications regarding future pay periods will be emailed directly to current student workers and their supervisors in the near future. 

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  • Academic - Can I access a hot spot in order to complete my online courses?

    Yes, the following hot spots are free during this time. 


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  • Academic - Can I convert my classes to a Pass/Fail grading scale?

    Yes, all undergraduate students will be allowed to convert courses in which they are currently enrolled to a Pass/Fail grading scale. This option will be extended to students regardless of the modality of the course (whether they are enrolled in a fully online or F2F course). This option will not be extended to graduate students, including those enrolled in post-baccalaureate certificate programs.

    The deadline to submit final grades will be extended to 12:00 noon on Friday, May 15. Students will be able to view their earned grades and will have one week to decide whether to keep their earned grade or to elect the Pass/Fail option. Students who wish to elect the Pass/Fail option will have the opportunity to submit a request for any or all of their courses to be converted through an electronic request form that will be available on May 15.  Students must use this form to elect the Pass/Fail option by 5:00 PM on Friday, May 22. Those who do not submit a request will receive the letter grade they earn in their course(s).

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  • Academic - How does this affect my ability to graduate on time?

    Millersville University is focused on ensuring our students finish the semester successfully with as little interruption as possible while safeguarding everyone’s health, safety and welfare.

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  • Academic – How does this impact my internship, professional placement, clinical rotation, etc.?

    Per the chancellor’s guidance of 3/29/20 regarding suspension of all in-person instruction from 3/29/20 through all scheduled 2020 summer sessions, please note that this guidance also applies to undergraduate and graduate students in experiential learning sites, including professional placements, practica, internships, research internships, and clinical rotations, unless the accrediting and/or licensing agency has issued superseding guidance. Supervisors/program directors should provide alternate learning experiences for the period of time that classes are in session and the directive against in-person instruction is in force. Any request for an exception to this system-wide guidance should be directed to the Chancellor.

    For specific questions on undergraduate internships, please contact Experiential Learning & Career Management at

    For specific questions on graduate internships, please contact the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning at

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  • Academic - How do I get my TAP number?

    Please reach out to your faculty advisors remotely to assist you for advising needs and receive a TAP number for registration purposes. Course registration for the fall 2020 semester will begin as scheduled the week of April 6.

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  • Academic – How will I take my tests? Finals?

    Students are encouraged to refer to their syllabus and communicate with their professor regarding modified expectations in their courses, including tests and finals. 

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  • Academic – How will my grades be impacted if I get sick and can’t finish my classes?

    Please work with your individual professors on your specific class. 

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  • Academic - How will students meet with advisors for fall semester course selections?

    Faculty advisors will maintain their office hours via technology.

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  • Academic – What if I don’t have WIFI or a computer that works with Zoom/technology needed for online classes?

    Students should contact the help desk. Information Technology (IT) are working to take down information and formulate solutions.  Due to increased call volume, it is recommended students complete their request online by going to and click on submit a ticket. 

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  • Academic – What if I need to withdraw from a class?

    Contact the Registrar’s Office for questions regarding registering, adding/dropping, or withdrawing from courses, 717-871-5005 or

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  • Academic – What if my professor is sick and isn't teaching online?

    Notify your department chair or dean. They will be able to provide guidance. 

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  • Academic - When will diplomas be issued?

    Millersville University will confer degrees within two weeks of final grades being posted. Check back here for more information on diplomas in the future.

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  • Academic - Will a course that was moved to remote learning during the Spring 2020 semester receive full academic credit toward the degree?

    Yes, the number of credits the course is scheduled for will be earned by a student who successfully completes the course. Additionally, for example, a course with a general education laboratory designation will still count as a laboratory course toward a student’s degree.

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  • Academic - Will all courses be adapted for remote instruction?

    Yes. All courses will be adapted for remote instruction including lectures, labs, studios, etc.

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  • Academic – Will faculty be available for questions and advising?

    Yes, faculty are being encouraged to maintain their office hours for students through phone and video (Zoom) sessions. 

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  • Academic – Will graduation be cancelled?

    We are disappointed to report that the University must officially postpone this May’s Commencement ceremonies and festivities.

    We are closely following CDC recommendations against public gatherings of 10 or more people for at least the next eight weeks. We understand this decision is a tremendous disappointment to our graduates who have worked so hard to complete their degree programs. 

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  • Academic - Will my study abroad trip be impacted?

    All students studying abroad in Asia and Europe this semester have been asked to return home. The impacted students have been notified, and were asked to self-isolate for 21 days at their United States home, off campus. For students who have yet to start their study abroad experience this spring, regardless of destination, are required to remain in the United State. All future Millersville University study abroad programs are suspended until further notice. Read more specific study abroad FAQs here.

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  • Academic – Will registration for fall be postponed?

    Advising and registration will continue as planned for summer and fall terms. 

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  • Academic – Will Summer Sessions be impacted or delayed?

    Given the uncertainty surrounding the length of time it will take the coronavirus epidemic to recede, the University has determined that all 2020 Summer Session instruction, including co-curricular activities in Summer Sessions 1, 2, and 3, will be offered only through distance and/or remote learning (no in-person instruction) modalities. 

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  • Academic - Will the PA Department of Education waive field experience requirements for teacher candidates?

    The Wolf Administration is committed to working with the General Assembly to enact legislation that will provide the Secretary with authority to adjust field experience and other requirements impacted by school or educator preparation program closures resulting from COVID-19 response efforts.

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  • Financial - How was my dining refund calculated?

    A calculation involving rolled over meal plan balances from Fall, current balances and the cost of a students’ Spring meal plan is being used to create dining refunds:

    • Fall Meal Plan Balance Rolled to Spring + Spring Meal Plan Cost = Maximum Balance
    • Please note, in all cases, the reduction in charges will be the lessor of a student’s current balance or 46.6% of the maximum balance calculation.

    If you would like further clarification, please contact Heather Keck at

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  • Financial - How was the general fee refund calculated?

    The General Fee encompasses six separate fees that percentages of the collected funds funnel into:

    Student Center Maintenance/Operations Fee – being refunded at 46.6%

    Student Activity Fee – being refunded at 46.6%

    Shuttle Bus Fee – being refunded at 46.6%

    Student Center Expansion Fee – being refunded at 46.6%

    Health Services Fee – not refunded; students continue to have access to the Health Center through a variety of methods during their time off campus. If you would like more information on these options, please contact or call (717) 871-5250.

    Academic Support Fee – not refunded; students continue to be supported in their educational progress through a variety of methods during their time off campus. 

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  • Financial - I am confused; can you provide me with some examples of different scenarios in which I may be due a refund?

    It is important to remember that the COVID-19 adjustments are a reduction to previously charged fees and not every student may be receiving an actual refund. If you currently owe a bill to the university, your refund of charges will be applied to your balance due first and then any amount remaining would be refunded to you if applicable. The following examples are meant to help students understand how much their fees may be reduced by. If you relate to one of these examples, and your bill is currently resolved at a $0 balance, chances are you will be receiving a refund.

    Example #1 – Undergraduate Student taking 15 credits; EPIIC Bucks Meal Plan with a current balance of $600; Living in a Single Suite in West Villages; No Parking Pass

    • Based on the portions of the General Fee that are eligible for refund, the reduction in charges for this student would total $272.64.
    • The student’s current dining funds balance is less than 46.6% of its original cost ($2100). Thus, they are eligible to receive their full current balance back, $600.
    • The original cost of this type of housing is $4,953. With a reduction of 46.6%, the student would be due a refund of $2,308.10.
    • The student did not purchase a parking pass; thus, they are not eligible for this type of refund.
    • This student would see a total reduction in charges in the amount of $3,180.74. 

    Example #2 – Undergraduate Student taking 12 credits; EPIIC Bucks Meal Plan with a current balance of $850 and $900 rolled over from Fall 2019; Living in a Double Suite in Shenks Hall; Full Year Resident Parking Pass

    • Based on the portions of the General Fee that are eligible for refund, the reduction in charges for this student would total $272.64.
    • This student carried a balance over from the Fall ($900), which is added to the total cost of their Spring Meal Plan ($2100) in order to create a “Maximum Balance.” A student is eligible to receive a refund of 46.6% of their Maximum Balance or their Current Balance, whichever is less. Since this student’s current balance is the lesser of the two, they would be due a refund of $850.
    • The original cost of this type of housing is $4,108. With a reduction of 46.6%, the student would be due a refund of $1,914.33
    • The student did purchase a parking pass for $110. Half of this cost is allotted for Spring ($55). A 46.6% reduction in costs means the student is eligible for a $26 refund.
    • This student would see a total reduction in charges in the amount of $3,062.97.

    Example #3 – Undergraduate Student taking 9 credits; Voyager Treasure Meal Plan with a current balance of $200; Commuter with a Full Year Parking Pass

    • Based on the portions of the General Fee that are eligible for refund, the reduction in charges for this student would total $204.48.
    • The student’s current dining funds balance is less than 46.6% of its original cost ($600). Thus, they are eligible to receive their full current balance back, $200.
    • The student paid no housing fees, thus are eligible for no housing refunds.
    • The student did purchase a parking pass for $100. Half of this cost is allotted for Spring ($50). A 46.6% reduction in costs means the student is eligible for a $23 refund.
    • This student would see a total reduction in charges in the amount of $427.48.

    Example #4 – Graduate Student taking 6 credits; No Meal Plan; Commuter with a Spring Parking Pass

    • Based on the portions of the General Fee that are eligible for refund, the reduction in charges for this student would total $136.32.
    • The student paid no dining or housing fees; thus, they are not eligible for these types of refunds.
    • The student paid $68 for their Spring Only parking pass. A 46.6% reduction in costs means they are eligible for a$32 refund.
    • This student would see a total reduction in charges in the amount of $168.32. 

    Example #5 – Graduate Student enrolled in a fully online program

    • Students who have been taking courses remotely through a 100% online program will not see a reduction in charges because they do not pay any of the fees that are eligible for refund.
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  • Financial - I believe I am due a refund, what is the fastest method to receive it?

    Millersville has partnered with Nelnet Campus Commerce (NCC) to issue refunds on behalf of the University. After your refund has been processed with OSA, NCC will issue your refund via paper check within 7-10 days. To confirm your mailing address is accurate, please visit

    To expedite the processing of your refund, you can sign up for Direct Deposit with NCC; refunds via direct deposit are generally received in 3-5 days. To provide your banking information and receive your refund via direct deposit, please visit If you have never logged into this site before, you will need to click on “Resend Registration Email” on the landing page in order to receive an individualized link that will direct you to a secure page to enter you banking information. Please use your MU email address to complete this process for authentication purposes. If you need further assistance with this process, please call Nelnet directly at 1-800-722-4867.

    Because parking fees are being refunded via paper check, please login to MAX and make sure your physical address is up to date as well!

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  • Financial - I have a balance due to the University; will I still receive a refund?

    If your reduction in charges is greater than the amount of your balance due, you may still receive a refund. Otherwise, the outstanding balance will be deducted from the amount in which your charges have been reduced.

    OSA’s refunding rules are governed by federal regulations. Students who have outstanding charges for institutional fees (health services, judicial affairs, late fees, etc.) and have had Title IV aid pay to their account during the Spring 2020 semester may still owe a balance after their refund has been issued. Please review your student account balance via the myVILLE Student Portal once your refund has been issued. If a balance is due, please promptly pay or contact OSA for further explanation.

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  • Financial - I used a variety of payment sources to resolve my spring 2020 bill, what does this mean for my refund?

    So long as you remain enrolled in the spring semester, federal Title IV aid will not be adjusted due to the reduction of fees. If you used federal aid to pay 100% of your bill and it is currently resolved ($0 balance) chances are you will receive a refund. However, if your bill was paid by other means, or if you currently owe a balance, it is possible that your aid may be adjusted and/or your refund will be reduced based on your current balance due. Important things to keep in mind:

    • If a Parent PLUS loan paid all or a portion of your charges, your parent may receive all or a portion of the refund that is created.
    • Scholarships will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. OSA is bound by the rules of the scholarship issuer. Every account that received a scholarship payment, whether internal or external, will have to be evaluated to determine the impact a reduction of charges has on each individual student.
    • Students who paid Spring 2020 charges using a contract, waiver, or VA Benefits may see a reduction in that aid. A thorough evaluation will be conducted to determine refund eligibility before funds will be released. This may delay your refund.
    • If you still owe a balance to the university, your balance due will be deducted from your refund amount first and then you will be refunded the difference (if applicable).
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  • Financial - I would like my credit balance to be applied to my loans borrowed so that I can reduce my loan debt; how do I accomplish this?

    The Office of Financial Aid strongly encourages students and/or parents to use any refund issued to pay back a portion of loans borrowed. If you utilized federal student loans, federal PLUS loans, or private loans to help pay for your education - you can use all (or a portion) of your refund to make a payment towards your loan(s) which will reduce your overall loan debt and interest that is accruing.

    To make a payment to your loan(s) you will want to contact your lender directly.

    Federal Student Loans: Go to to view your lender

    Federal PLUS Loans: Go to to view 

    Private Loans: Contact the lender with whom you applied.

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  • Financial - I would prefer my credit balance be retained for a future semester; how do I accomplish this?

    If you used Financial Aid to pay your Spring 2020 charges, we cannot retain your balance for future use. However, if charges were paid with personal payments or TAP Funds, this could be an option for you. Please contact OSA at with your M# and your request ASAP to see if this option is available based on your unique circumstances.

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  • Financial - What about the funds I have added to Marauder Gold?

    Marauder Gold balances are separate from dining funds and do not expire. These funds will be available for use upon your return to campus. If you are graduating or will not be returning to campus, please contact OSA to discuss the matter further.

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  • Financial - What costs and fees are being reduced?

    Millersville University will be refunding a portion of the costs and fees that have been affected by students no longer remaining on campus past the extended Spring break period. These include:

    Tuition (will not be refunded) - 0% refund
    Housing (will be refunded) - 46.6% refund
    Dining* (will be refunded) - 46.6% refund
    Tech Fee (will not be refunded) - 0% refund
    Parking Fees (will be refunded) - 46.6% refund 
    General Fee** (will be refunded) - 46.6% refund

    *The calculation used to determine the reduction of charges takes into consideration unused portions of Fall 2019 meal plans that were rolled to Spring 2020 and your current balance – see below for greater detail.

    **The General Fee encompasses six items – Student Center Maintenance/Operations Fee, Student Activity Fee, Shuttle Bus Fee, Student Center Expansion Fee, and the Academic Support Fee. A breakdown of how this refund is being calculated will be provided below.

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  • Financial - When will I see a reduction in charges on my student account?

    Students will see a reduction, in the fees referenced above, applied to their student account by April 10th. If this reduction in charges results in a credit balance, you may be due a refund. OSA will undertake the refunding process immediately after credit balances are created. The timeline of receiving a refund will depend on your preferred refund method set up with OSA. Students can check their current balance anytime through their myVILLE Student Portal.

    Please note, parking fees do not filter through OSA. They are handled through the MU Police Department (MUPD) and will be issued via check. Students who paid parking fees can expect to receive their refund check around April 17th.

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  • Financial - Who do I contact if I have additional questions or concerns?

    All staff members are working remotely in accordance with governmental guidance. Currently, email is our sole method of student communication and response times may not be immediate. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these uncertain times. Please be sure to include your Millersville ID # on all communication to expedite response times and so that your account can be properly identified:

    Office of Student Accounts

    Office of Financial Aid



    (Heather Keck – for questions specifically regarding Dining refund calculations)

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  • Financial - Will I get a refund on my lab fee?

    With the transition to remote classes, the fee will help cover a portion of the costs associated with moving courses online, for things like new software, remote demonstrations, etc.

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  • Financial - Will my tuition be reduced since we transitioned to online learning?

    The faculty have gone through extensive training to ensure that classes continue to provide a quality education for all of our students. There will not be a reduction in cost, or any extra fees, because of adapting the courses to remote instruction.

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  • Health – Does the Health Center at Millersville have testing available for coronavirus?

    For information call Health Services, 717-871-5250.

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  • Health – Is Health Services still open for other illnesses?

    Yes, Health Services can be reached at 717-871-5250 or 

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  • Health – What are personal hygiene tips?
    • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. 
    • Avoid close contact with people who are sick. 
    • Stay home when you are sick. 
    • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash. 
    • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces. 
    • Get a flu vaccine. The Flu Vaccine is still available – students can stop in any time at Health Services to receive a free flu shot. 
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  • Health - What if I have symptoms I suspect are related to coronavirus?

    If you are experiencing symptoms you suspect to be related to the coronavirus, please follow the CDC's guidelines and contact your primary physician.

    If you are on campus, contact Millersville University Health Services at the Witmer Building to be evaluated. Health Services can be reached at 717-871-5250.

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  • Health – What if I need emotional support but don’t feel like going to the Counseling Center?

    Visit Teletherapy on the Counseling Center’s website for a listing of online counseling resources and crisis support.

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  • Health – What should I do if I have been advised to go into self-isolation?

    Contact Health Services, 717-871-5250 or, to notify them. 

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  • Health - Will the Counseling Center be open?

    While classes are online and faculty are not on campus, the Counseling Center can provide consultation and referral assistance to all currently enrolled MU students via Zoom and email. Current Counseling Center clients who wish to maintain contact with their counselor should contact them via email to make these arrangements. Please visit our website for additional mental health resources. We will do our very best to provide our students with mental health support during this time.

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  • Housing - If I am on campus for special circumstance break housing am I allowed to leave for periods of time and return?
    During this period of social distancing we are asking all resident students who are still residing on campus for special circumstance housing to limit their travel to going to the grocery store and other local provisions only. We ask that these students refrain from visiting other areas, even locally, where they will come into contact with people and then return to campus. This increases your risk of exposure to the Coronavirus COVID-19 infection and creates a risk of  exposing  other students in residence.
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  • Housing - What will happen to my packages that are scheduled for delivery on campus?

    The mailroom has a list of students who are still on campus and their packages will be delivered.  For all others, the packages will be refused and returned to the sender. With large companies like Amazon, that will generate an email to the recipient.

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  • Housing - When/how can I retrieve my belongings?

    At this time the University is not available for students to return to campus for checkout or to collect forgotten items.  We are in cooperation with directives and instructions from the Office of the Governor of Pennsylvania until further notice.  You will not be able to return to retrieve items. 

    We appreciate your understanding, patience and cooperation during the critical social distancing period of the pandemic.  Please regularly monitor your MU e-mail and also the University Coronavirus website  for the most updated information and communication to the campus community. 

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.


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  • Housing - Will I be able to stay in my Student Lodging, Inc. (SLI) apartment?

    Student Lodging, Inc. (SLI) is open for business as usual. Students are permitted to stay in their University-affiliated apartments; including Wellness, Brookwood Court, College View and other SLI properties. 

    Leases between SLI and its tenants are 12-month residential leases. 

    SLI will be offering rent relief for the months of May and June. During these months, tenants may choose either a 15% discount on rent, or defer their rent until after the pandemic passes. 


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  • Housing - Will my personal property be safe on campus?

    Millersville University will make every effort to protect the safety of the personal possessions students leave in our residence halls, and will not dispose of any such possessions.

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  • Other – Are all campus events cancelled?

    Yes, all events on Millersville University's main campus and at the Ware Center are suspended indefinitley. 

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  • Other- Is it okay to travel within the US?

    Please refer to the CDC website for Travel in the U.S. 

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  • Other – What is considered a “large group”?
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  • Other – What should student organizations do if plans have been made for travel?

    Please check the CDC guidelines for travel.

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  • Other – Why did the University take the actions it did if there have been no reported coronavirus cases?

    We have been monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak carefully and the Incident Response Team has been meeting continually throughout the past weeks. While we currently do have not any reported cases of coronavirus, the University has made the decision to move to alternate modes of instruction for the remainder of the semester for the safety and health of our campus community.  

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  • Other – Will admissions hold daily tours?

    Admissions is not currently holding tours. A virtual tour of campus is available here.

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  • Resources - Are rental textbooks still due May 8?

    Rental due dates will be extended to allow students extra time to return books via prepaid shipping labels. New due dates and instructions will be communicated through email. For now, please hold on to the textbooks you rented.

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  • Resources - Are there free textbooks available online?

    Yes, Millersville partnered with two digital platforms; Vitalsource and Redshelf. They allow free access to ebooks. You must use your email to create an account. or

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  • Resources - Can I return my rented textbook when I return to pick up my belongings?

    If this is an option for students, we will communicate the information through email. At this time there are no plans in place for this to be an option.

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  • Resources - How can I return the books I rented?

    Students will be emailed a prepaid label at the end of the semester to return their textbooks. Please watch the email you provided when you rented your books for the label.

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  • Resources - What if I am already registered for accommodations through Learning Services?

    Students registered with the Office of Learning Services will receive their accommodations as usual. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us a We’ve given all students registered with our office a Kurzweil 3000 account that will enhance their online instruction. It will read to those who are unable to read content, write for those who struggle, and a lot more.

    Students who receive coaching are still able to meet with their coaches via technology. If your GA has not reached out to you already, please email him/her at their email address, or contact us directly.

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  • Resources – What if I have library materials that are due while students are asked not to be on campus. Am I still responsible for late fees?

    Due dates have been extended through May 11th for all items borrowed from the library, including items borrowed from other libraries via Inter-library loan (Request It & E-ZBorrow). Any overdue fines accrued after the end of the day on Friday, March 13, 2020, will be forgiven. This does not extend to lost or damaged item replacement and processing fees.

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  • Resources - What if I struggle with online learning? Are there any services available?

    Learning Services’ workshops are available online. Topics include time management, organization, note taking and study skills. If students feel they need face to face workshops, our GA’s are available to do so. Students are welcome to contact us at

    Also, all students can receive a free Kurzweil 3000 user account through our office. Please contact us at for additional information, or send us your name and MU ID# to request an account. Kurzweil is a software suite that can be downloaded to your personal devices or used through an online portal. Kurzweil will:

    • Read digital text and online content aloud
    • Focus your reading by highlighting text as you read
    • Allow you to take notes on text and export your notes as a
    • study or vocabulary guide
    • Define and translate text
    • Allow you to change the background color of reading material
    • and your own writing
    • Support writing through templates and planning guides
    • Allow you to write in OpenDyslexic font
    • Allow you to write both notes and papers through a speech-to-text tool
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  • Resources - Will the Library and Writing Center be available to support students?

    Library services are being provided remotely.  Physical/Print library items are not available.  Access to electronic library resources will continue to be available through the McNairy Library.  Faculty librarians will continue to be available to assist you via chat or other online and electronic options. Please visit, for more information.

    The Writing Center will also be moving their operations online to support students. Refer to Writing Center website for additional details.

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  • Resources - Will there be a buyback for textbooks?

    We are currently working on making online buyback available for students through our website Watch the website for when this will become available.

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  • Resources - Will tutoring be available?

    Yes! The Tutoring Center offers online tutoring. Individual tutoring can be done through technology like Zoom meeting or Skype at times that the tutor and tutee mutually agree upon. Use our online forms to request to be a tutor or get a tutor. Additionally, we are holding drop-in group tutoring for Business and Earth Sciences through Zoom meetings. Contact the Tutoring Center via email at to get the Zoom meeting ID. See our webpage for drop-in tutoring schedules, forms to request a tutor, and additional information

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