Dining Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who may have Meal Plan?

    Any registered student may have Meal Plan. First-year resident students and transfer students with less than 30 Credit Hours are required to have the $2,100 level Plan.

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  • If I live on campus, am I required to have a Meal Plan?

    All resident students are automatically enrolled in the $2,100 level Meal Plan. Upperclassman have the option to reduce to the $1,950 level.

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  • How do I access or change my Meal Plan?

    If you want to change your Meal Plan or you are a commuter or graduate student looking to add a Meal Plan, log onto MAX and complete the following:

    • Click on "Student Services"
    • Choose "Housing and Dining"
    • Click on "My Dining - Add/Change Meal Plan

    Contact Heather Keck at 717-871-5651 if you have problems changing your account.

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  • When do the bills come due?

    Due dates for the Dining Meal Plan is set by the Office of Student Accounts. For the Fall Semester they are usually mid-to-late-July. Upperclassman can make changes anytime after that until midnight the day before Fall classes begin.

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  • Can I check my funds on my Meal Plan?

    Go to your Semester Account in your MAX to see your balance. Some dining locations on campus may be able to check your balance at the register.

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  • What is Marauder Gold?

    Marauder Gold is a prepaid, stored-value/debit account that is accessible via your One Card. It is the convenient, cashless way to pay on and off-campus.

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  • Can I eat in the Dining Hall without Meal Plan?

    Yes, if you do not have a Meal Plan you can still eat in the Upper Deck Dining Hall during normal business hours at the following rates:

    With University ID                     Other Guests                  

    Breakfast - $8.65                    Breakfast - $10.25

    Lunch -     $11.30                    Lunch -    $12.85

    Dinner -    $13.90                    Dinner -   $16.00

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  • Can I check my Marauder Gold Balance?

    Go to Marauder Gold in your MAX to see your balance. Some dining locations on campus may be able to check your balance at the register.

    To transfer money onto your Marauder Gold - Go to Marauder Gold in your MAX to make deposits to your account. A minimum deposit of $25 is required.

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  • Where can I use Marauder Gold?

    On Campus

    The Upper Deck and all Retail Locations


    Copy Shop

    Computer Lab Printing

    Library Circulation


    Office of Student Accounts (most fees)

    Mailroom/ID Office

    BANK, SMC-ticket sales

    Pucillo Concessions

    University Police

    Residence Hall Laundry Machines

    Residence Hall Vending Machines


    Off Campus

    Sugar Bowl  Normal Ave. Millersville

    CVS/Pharmacy #1675, 1278 Millersville Pk. Lancaster

    CVS/Pharmacy #2371, 2020 Columbia Ave. Lancaster

    Friendly's 1655 Columbia Ave. Lancaster

    Giant Food Stores 1360 Columbia Ave. Lancaster

    John Herr's Village Market 25 Manor Ave. Millersville

    Pizza Hut 777 Manor St. Lancaster

    Sheetz #388 3101 Columbia Ave. Lancaster

    Spyro Gyros 241 N. Queen St. Lancaster

    Wiley's Pharmacy 507 Leaman Ave. Millersville


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  • What do I do if my ID card was lost, stolen, or damaged?

    A valid University photo ID card is required to be admitted to a dining facility. Registered students who have chosen a specific Meal Plan will have their ID card magnetically encoded for the appropriate DB Level. If it is lost, contact should be made immediately to the ID Office in the Boyer Building at 717-871-7008. If your ID card is damaged, contact the ID office to get a new one. Check the ID Card Requirements.


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  • My friend is sick, can I swipe her card and bring her a meal?

    The ID card is non-transferable and as such guarantees the use only by the card owner. Use or attempted use by anyone other than the owner constitutes a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and is subject to University disciplinary action.

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  • What resources are there for my dietary needs?

    MU Dining has a registered dietitian available for free consultations. Our dietitian specializes in education on diets including: diabetic, gluten-free, low salt, and weight loss. Contact MU Health Services to schedule a dietary consultation. We also provide allergy-free options in the following dining locations:

    The Upper Deck Dining Hall - A vegetarian, gluten-free area. Some dishes served will be Quinoa, Vegetarian Paella, Kasha, Fresh Roasted Vegetables, and Farro Grain

    The Juice Bar at the Anchor - Fruit and veggie smoothies which are a healthy way to recover from a work out, grab a snack or use as a meal replacement

    The Anchor - Made-to-order fresh fruit and vegetables

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