Meal Plan

Meal Plan can be used at the Upper Deck Dining Hall and any of our Retail Locations. A valid University Photo ID card is required to be admitted to a dining facility. Registered students who have chosen the Meal Plan will have their ID card magnetically encoded for the appropriate plan.

The ID card is non-transferable and as such guarantees the use only by the card owner. Use or attempted use by anyone other than the owner constitutes a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and is subject to University disciplinary action.

The ID card should be treated as a credit card. If it is lost, immediate contact should be made to the ID Office in the lobby of the Boyer Building at campus ext. 7008
More information on ID requirements can be found in ID Card Requirements (pdf)

All Resident Hall students will automatically be setup with the 19 Ville Plan as a default. Students with 30 credit hours or more will be able to change their plan by Friday, August 19 prior to the first day of classes.

A Meal Swipe at the Upper Deck provides access to the "all-you-care-to-eat" dining room. The use of a Traditional or Block Meal at our on-campus Retail Locations is limited to a variety of combo meals. Any add-ons and/or upgrades may be paid using Flex Dollars.

Meal Plan does not carry over Semester to Semester. Flex dollars only roll over from Fall to Spring.
You can add funds to your Flex Dollars in the GET APP  GET APP

Summer 2024 Meal Plan

Summer Meal Plan Pricing is as follows:

90 Block - 90 Meal swipes per semester w/$150 Flex $1,070.00
60 Block - 60 Meal swipes per semester w/$150 Flex $ 805.00


Summer meal plans are only required in Summer Session III.
Summer Session III will begin on Monday, July 8.

Enrolled students living in Residence Halls are required to have a block plan for Summer Session III.
Students may choose between the 90-block plan with $150 flex dollars or the 60-block plan with
$150 flex dollars.

Each resident student will automatically be enrolled in the 60-block plan.
Students may change to the 90-block plan no later than the Friday prior to the
first day of classes for Summer Session III.

Any Flex Dollars left after Summer Session III are rolled over to the Fall semester provided
the student is enrolled for classes during the fall semester.

Meal swipes do not roll over into the next semester.

2024-25 University Dining Meal Plan Rates Summary

Traditional & Block Plans

Resident & Commuter Plans
0-29 Credits
Ville 19 - 19 Meal swipes per week w/$150 Flex $2,375.00
30 Credits or More
Ville 14 - 14 Meal swipes per week w/$150 Flex $2,200.00
150 Block - 150 Meal swipes per semester w/$300 Flex $2,035.00
Commuter (academic year & summer options)
90 Block - 90 Meal swipes per semester w/$175 Flex $1,130.00
60 Block - 60 Meal swipes per semester w/$175 Flex $850.00
45 Block - 45 Meal swipes per semester w/$125 Flex $710.00

   Add/Change Meal Plan


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 Meal Plan does not carry over from Semester to Semester
         Flex Dollars only carry from Fall to Spring


Marauder Gold

Consider opening a "Marauder Gold" account to expand your options throughout University Dining as well as other departments across campus and certain community shops & stores. For general card questions, call the University I.D. Office at (717) 871-7008. To add money to your account, call the Student Accounts Office at (717) 871-5101.


Commuter and Graduate Students can follow the instructions above to add a Meal Plan.

Meal Plan Refund Policy

The Meal Plan follows the posted proration table for refunds. The Dining refund will be determined based on the percentage from the proration table for the respective period of time or the actual       Meal Plan on the students' account whichever is less. Funds will not carry over from year to year.

Proration Table FALL 2023

100%   Prior to student move-in day
 90%    1/14/2024 to 1/21/2024
 80%    1/22/2024 to 1/28/2024
 70%    1/29/2024 to 2/4/2024
 60%    2/5/2024 to 2/11/2024
 50%    2/12/2024 to 2/18/2024
NO Refund after Fifth Week