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The Millersville University Center for Economic Education is *officially* no longer active. The Pennsylvania Partnership for Economic Education (aka is also no longer active. Please visit the Council for Economic Education,, for K-12 curriculum and program information on personal finance and economic education. Please visit the SIFMA Foundation's Stock Market Game for information on how to participate in the national stock market game,

Although the MUCEE is officially no longer active, I am still available as a consultant for regional teachers and curriculum coordinators in need of assistance with personal finance and economics instruction, lesson plans, and curricula. I maintain a library of materials to assist teachers who would like to integrate economics into lessons on geography, history, civics, and environmental studies and will continue to offer my expertise to the educational community. Please feel free to contact me below.

Contact Information

Dr. Mike Gumpper, Professor of Economics

Phone: 717-871-7182


Millersville University
Center for Economic Education
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Economics Department
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