Student Research in Economics

Capstone Research Papers and Posters

2014 Papers and Posters

•    Gillespie, Martha.  The School District of Philadelphia's Charter Schools:  Are Charter Schools Overcoming the Socioeconomic Disadvantages of Philadelphia's Students?
•    Mulherin, Rebecca.  The Effectiveness of Social Media Advertising for Local Restaurants
•    Costello, Alexander.  Missing the Market:  Problems with Renewable Electricity in PA
•    Suliman, Walid.  How Does Pennsylvania Healthcare and Education Spending Affect Income Inequality
•    Silva, Leo.  Seven Crappy Hours of Our Life
•    *Berridge, Randy. The Woes of Public Higher Education: An Economic Analysis of State Spending on Public Higher Education
•    Diehm, Zach.  Perceptions and Peer Pressure:  A Study of Lancastrian Tipping Habits
•    Oblender, Matthew.  Does Money Buy the Grade? How Does State Public School Funding Affect PSSA Scores?
•    *Simmons, Logan.  Risky Mortgages Damage Housing Market: Has Lancaster County Beaten the Odds?
•    Shultz, Ryan.  The Giver's Rationale: A Study on Giving and Personal Welfare
* Student Presentations

2013 Papers and Posters

  • * Croyle, Matthew E - Breaking the Cycle: An Analysis of High School Dropout Behavior in Solanco School District

  • Draper, Ashley R - Steeling Coatesville: A Historical Analysis of the Connection Between a Steel Town and the American Steel Industry

  • Fox, Charles J - Feeding the Children: Does the Summer Food Service Program Subsidy Matter?

  • Hess, Steve M - What's in Your Backyard? A Historical Economic Analysis of PA's Energy Resources

  • * Teti, Zachary F - Let It Grow: An Econometric Analysis of Farmland Preservation and Development in Lancaster County, PA

  • Thurston, Zachary D - Higher Education, Even Higher Tuition: Study on the Effects of Increasing Tuition on Enrollment at Pennsylvania State

  • Troncale, Joseph C - Where Have They Gone?  Manufacturing Job Trends in Eastern PA Since 1979

2013 Honors Theses:

  • Draper, Ashely - Reaching Revitalization: An Analysis on Factors Leading to the Successful Economic Revitalization of a City

  • * Phan, Phouc - Buyer Verification in a Market for Lemons: Experimental Evidence

2012 Papers and Posters

  • Crescenzo, Michael P. "In the Word, Not of It:  The Amish Struggle to Preserve Their Culture in Hard Economic Times"

  • Hand, Chaney M. "Cash or Credit?  Why Millersville University Students Have Credit Card Debt"

  • Koons, Kaleb L. "Spring Cleaning: Pennsylvania Resident's Willingness to Pay for Chesapeake Bay Watershed Clean-up Projects"

  • McCauley, Ryan W.  "Prison Bars Break the Bank:  An Economic Analysis of the Lancaster County Ready2Work Program's Effect on Recidivism and Its Cost Effectiveness"

  • Moon, Eric K. "Big Fracking Deal:  An Analysis of Marcellus Shale through Classical, Marxian, and Ecological Schools of Economic Thought"

  • Robinson, David C. "New Jersey! Better Than the Rest?  The New Jersey Housing Market's Resistance to the Financial Crisis"

  • Sawyer, Brett L. "Got Wikipedia? A Study on Wikipedia's Effects on College Students"

  • Shue, Benjamin C. "Got Ethanol?  A Study of Rising Corn Prices and Diversification in the Pennsylvania Dairy Industry"

Honors Theses

(Title, Author, Year, Faculty Committee)
* denotes Omicron Delta Epsilon Research Award winner

  • Beating the Odds: Creating a Value-Based Investment Strategy for Long-Term Superior Results, Erik Baker, 2007, Suliman, Madden, Guo
  • Does Foreign Direct Investment Converge Economies?*, Ryan D. Walker, 2007, Suliman, Smith, Baker
  • Clustering the Economy, Brenda Chavez, 2006, Smith, Gumpper, Madden
  • Variations in Individual Decision Making: Children, Adults, and Economic Theory*, Patricia C. Grieggs, 2006, Baker, Smith, Madden, Gumpper
  • The Power of Equality, Evan Gentry, 2005, Madden, Suliman, Callari
  • Nuisance Taxes and the Brain Drain, Justin Kleinfleter, 2004, Suliman, Smith
  • Aristotelian Ethics as an Indicator of Company Stock Performance, Steve Elliker, 2003, Suliman, Smith, Ward
  • Stock Typology and the S&P Game, Jesse Ellis, 2003, Suliman, Smith, Gumpper
  • Happiness & Subjective Well Being: Determinants with an International Comparison, Lauren Williams, 2003, Smith, Gumpper, Madden
  • Evaluation of Union Membership, 1800-2001, Terrance J. Doherty, 2002, Smith, Gumpper, Suliman
  • Identification and Analysis of Significant Industry Clusters and Employment Trends in Lancaster County, Bill Stadden, 2002, Smith, Gumpper, Madden
  • Valuing Water Quality Improvements in the Chesapeake Bay, Kelley Appleman, 2001, Gumpper, Madden, Smith
  • The Relationship Between Athletic Participation at MU and Post-Graduation Income, Brian Hanks, 2001, Madden, Gumpper, Smith
  • Lancaster Merchants 1756-1789: An Unequal Distribution of Wealth, David Howell, 2000, Madden, Gumpper, McLarnon
  • Factors of Production in the United States: A Time-Series Analysis, Ron Horst, 1999, Margolis, Madden, Shultz, Smith, Suliman
  • Integration of the Russian Financial Market: Inter-Regional Analysis, Anna Katseva, 1998, Suliman, Fenwick, Guo, Gumpper, Margolis

    Patricia Grieggs of Millersville University is the 2007-2008 Frank W. Taussig Award winner

    Mary Ellen Benedict, Vice President of Competitions for Omicron Delta Epsilon, has announced that the winner of the Frank W. Taussig Article Award for 2007-2008 is Patricia Grieggs of Millersville University. Patricia's Submission, "Variations in Individual Decision Making: Children, Adults, and Economic Theory," is eligible for publication in The American Economist.

    The Frank W. Taussig Article Award is a competitive award bestowed upon the undergraduate or recent graduate in economics submitting the best article in any year.  The award consists of a cash prize of $1000 and publication in The American Economist. In addition, the chapter submitting the winning entry receives $200.  ODE has 578 chapters worldwide.  Patricia's faculty advisor was Dr. Ron Baker.

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