MU Exploratory Program

The Exploratory Program, housed in the Department of Academic Advisement & Student Development is intended for students who are unsure which major they want to pursue or may have narrowed down their options to a few possibilities but have not yet decided on a major.

Our mission here at Millersville is to encourage you to graduate on time while giving you the opportunity to explore a variety of interests to match your passion and skills with a major.  We have the resources to help you do just that; they keep you on track and keep you motivated while satisfying your curiosity.  Even though you may start as a first-year student unsure of what direction you may want to go, you will still be working toward your degree requirements while exploring your options.

The program gives you flexibility to change direction if necessary.  Entering college in the Exploratory Program doesn't mean you'll be here longer; it just means your path to graduation may be a little different, but just as fulfilling!

The Exploratory Program

At MU, you are more than just a number. Learn how faculty care for their students and help them succeed.

Major Requirements

Requirements for each major can be found in detail on the curriculum sheets and within the degree audit system (DegreeWorks in MAX).

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Minor Requirements

A minor is an curricular add-on to your major/degree requirements. Some majors require a minor. All minors require at least 18.0 credits to complete but some require more.

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