MU Exploratory Program

Welcome to the Exploratory Program

For three decades, MU's Exploratory Program has helped thousands of students who just aren't quite ready to make that big decision of what major to study.

The Exploratory Program has become one of the most successful programs at Millersville University. From its inception in 1986 to present, the Exploratory Program is built around helping Undeclared/Undecided students to choose a major and graduate from Millersville University. Our purpose is to assist exploratory students in navigating the world of higher education and setting a course for the future. We train advisors from the MU community of faculty, staff, and administration who have a passion for advising and student advocacy. Aimed at guiding exploratory students in their journeys, these advisors are skilled in advising techniques such as exploring and choosing a major, course selection in General Education, campus involvement, and campus services.

We also assist students who may start in a major and decide after some time that it's not the right path. Any MU student may change to Undeclared/Exploratory until they decide on/meet the requirements to get into the major of their choice. If you need assistance or help with this direction, please call 717-871-5333.

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    MU Exploratory Program

    Department of Academic Advisement & Student Development

    McNairy Library, 5th Floor

    Millersville University
    P.O. Box 1002
    Millersville, PA 17551


    Phone: 717-871-5333

    Office Hours: 8:00 am till 4:00 pm