Employment Opportunities

You can accomplish a great deal with a minor in Latina/o Studies from Millersville University. For example,

Enhance your employability among corporations such as Santander, Kellogg Company and UPS (among others) which are engaged in trade with Latin American countries.

Improve your chances of working successfully in social services.

Better understand the parents and students in your schools through exposure to advocacy groups like PIQE (Parent Institute for Quality Education) that foster collaboration between parents and teachers.

Find more job opportunities as a teacher with bi-cultural sensitivity.

Increase your job opportunities in corrections because you are bilingual and familiar with the Latino/a culture.

The Latina/o Studies Minor blends well with almost any major. Whether you are employed as a quality control manager in a manufacturing plant, teaching in a public school, operating a small business, or working in the criminal justice field, you will find that the Latina/o Studies Minor enables you to communicate more effectively with your Latina/o colleagues and customers.