Student Achievements

Student Achievements

Our students are involved in community service, internships, empirical research, and community building. Additionally, our students have achieved recognition for their academic excellence.

The Latino Mural Project resulted in two murals designed to highlight the contributions of Latinos to Millersville University and Lancaster city. Internationally renown, Michelle Angela Ortiz, served as artist-in-residence for the project.

Honors Theses:

Ms. Brittany Tomes, Foreign Languages, "Constructing a Cultural Mosaic: A Comparative Study of Immigration Policies in the United States of America and Germany (1940 to Present)"

Ms. Vanessa Blanco, Sociology/Anthropology Department, "Aguántate como Las Machas: Young Latina Women's Perceptions and Experiences of Machismo"

Ms. Sandra Aguilera, Communications Department, "Ethnic Identity and Persistence Attitudes of Latino and Caucasian Students at Millersville University"

Ms. Dana Cornett, Communications Department, "Persistence Attitudes, Ethnic Identity, and Perceptions of Faculty Treatment"


Rosario Caminero Latina/o Studies Endowed Scholarship Recipients:

Elizandra Romero, 2024

Jacob Sileski, 2023

Alexandra Domínguez, 2022

Milena Grácia Garzón, 2021

Lizette Herrera Herrera, 2020

Lucero Ramírez Martínez, 2019

Chantel E. Jones, 2018

Selina Tineo Abreu, 2017

Nikole Rottkamp, 2016

Steven Rivera Camacho, 2015

Hector Ivan Colón DeJesús, 2014

Ricardo Brens Matos, 2013


Rosario Caminero Book Award Recipients:

Mr. Luis Benites, Ms. Katherine Cruz Rodríguez, Ms. Neidin López, Ms. Sandra Aguilera, Ms. Magali Pérez, Ms. Laura Brito, and Ms. Jessica González


Milena's internship presentation

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Delvys' Internship Presentation

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