Incoming Students-Spring


Millersville University is excited to welcome new students (and family members/parents) beginning their matriculation in the spring semester. The Winter Orientation program is a combination of online and in-person opportunities for you to be best prepared to start your ‘Ville experience. Students are expected to participate in all the opportunities listed below. 

Is Orientation Mandatory?

New students are required to attend orientation much in the same way that students are required to attend classes. Just as attending classes contributes to your success in the classroom, attending or participating in orientation sessions contributes to your overall success at college. A fee of $50 is automatically added to your semester bill to cover the expenses associated with the start of your matriculation. Our commitment to campus service providers and material costs prevents the issuing of refunds should you choose not to attend the program.

Pre-Orientation (avail. Oct. 1)

The Millersville Arrival Program (MAP) is an online pre-orientation program for all incoming new undergraduate students comprising several modules. It shares important information related to tasks you must complete prior to starting your first semester. You are expected to complete each module of the MAP as it becomes available to you.

The MAP is viewable on tablets and most mobile devices in addition to your computer. You can work at your own pace, stopping and continuing at any time. Once completed, you may refer back to it at any point in your MU career! 

To access the MAP, you will need to have previously activated your Millersville Online Accounts. Do this by clicking this link, https://myaccount.millersville.eduand following the instructions under the “First Time Account Setup (Incoming Students)” icon. You will need to provide your birthdate as well as your Marauder Student Identification Number, or “M number” which can be found on your admission acceptance letter or your paid confirmation deposit email (available in your application account). You can then use your Millersville username and password to access the MAP. 

Contact Undergraduate Admissions at 717-871-4625 with any questions or concerns about your next steps at Millersville University.

Winter Orientation 2024


To accommodate the various schedules of students starting at Millersville in the spring, the majority of the content of Winter Orientation is delivered online. The following sessions are being offered:

Thursday, December 07  Financial Aid Basics: What You Need to Know view Recording
 Monday, January 08  Thriving at the 'Ville view Recording
 Tuesday, January 09  Getting Ready for Day One view Recording
 Wednesday, January 10  Campus Safety and Response view Recording
 Thursday, January 11  DEI: What it is and your Role in Fostering it view Recording
 Friday, January 12  Get Involved and Stay Engaged at the 'Ville view Recording

We encourage parents and family members to attend these orientation sessions with you. The beginning of a college experience is a very special and exciting time, not only for you but for parents and family members as well. The more family members understand about the college experience, the more helpful they can be to you during your transition.


A limited, in-person component to orientation is offered on the same day as residential move-in for the spring semester. Residential and commuting students are invited to campus to receive their student identification cards and take time to walk their schedule (weather permitting) with a member of the orientation team prior to the start of classes on Tuesday, January 16. Additionally, commuting students will participate in a "Mobile Marauder Meetup" where they'll have a chance to meet other commuters and receive information specific to their needs.