Gerontology Minor

Degree: Minor

With the predicted increases in both the number and percentage of older persons in the population, the Gerontology minor will prepare students to successfully work within this developing field.

Why Study This Program?

Learn about the process of human aging and the problems of the elderly through Millersville University's Gerontology minor. This interdisciplinary program, which is housed within the School of Social Work, allows students to increase their knowledge, examine values, and improve skills in regards to aging people. This will prepare them for a career in helping the elderly and is designed to improve the understanding and competence of students already working within this area.

As a relatively new and developing field, not all service systems have yet incorporated gerontology degrees into criteria for employment positions. However, feedback from today's students and employers in a wide variety of fields is that degrees or course work in gerontology can positively influence employability. There seems to be little doubt that with the predicted increases in both the number and the percentage of older persons in the population, some gerontology course work will be a valuable part of any professional resume.

What Will You Learn?

Students within this minor must complete 18 semester hours in six courses relating to gerontology, social work, sociology, nursing and psychology. These courses aim to provide a framework for critical analysis and present developmental approaches to the subjects of social work, healthcare and aging. 

Students are also able to broaden their perspective in field placements, study abroad trips, internships and training through the Social Work parent program. A few of the many international field placements and internships available include locations such as Cape Town, South Africa; London, England; or Dublin, Ireland, as well as a broad array of internships in social service agencies across south central Pennsylvania. Other opportunities include The Learning Institute's "Global Well-Being and Social Change" training opportunity, Legislative Advocacy Day, a departmental honors thesis and faculty/student research.