Management - Online Degree Completion Program

Degree: B.S.

Know your audience, engage their interests, deliver desired products and guide consumer choices to maximize business success with a degree in Marketing.

Why Study this Program?

A degree in management at Millersville equips students for a variety of roles and allows them to enter the business field at a high-level position upon graduation. Our management program exposes students to all major functional areas of a business but also allows you to focus on courses in human resources, entrepreneurship, operations, or leadership based on your individual career goals.

Core curriculum courses cover a wide range of Business topics including principles of management, informational systems, legal repercussions and more. The Management concentration dives into international management, operations management and more based on your personal endeavors.

Students entering with an associate degree in business can complete their bachelor’s degree in approximately two academic years.

Program Benefits

  • Flexible – 100% online.
  • Ability to work while completing your degree.
  • Courses are offered year-round to allow you to complete your degree faster.

What Will You Learn?

  • Develop a strategic perspective on organizational operations in a dynamic business environment.
  • Assess and construct performance measures, feedback channels, and coaching to facilitate employee development.
  • Acquire problem-solving skills that managers need to solve complex business problems.
  • Analyze the role of organizational culture in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace to enhance employee retention and satisfaction.
  • Apply leadership skills to promote supportive communication, ethical behavior, and improve employee productivity.