Degree: B.S.

The Communications major prepares students to be lifelong learners and contributing citizens to both the local and global community.

Why Study This Program?

A degree in Communication from Millersville University teaches students to produce and analyze human and mediated communication, and apply that knowledge to real-world communication challenges. This program is committed to delivering a high-quality, forward-thinking educational experience that is innovative, academically challenging and professionally relevant learning opportunities. Students leave the program well prepared to be lifelong learners and contributing citizens to both the local and global community.

Students have the opportunity to choose between our four different concentrations: Digital Communication and Cultural Studies, Journalism, Public Relations and Theater. Within these four concentrations, students should expect to engage in the study of human communication, learn how to analyze and critique human efforts to communicate and practice the applications of that knowledge to real world communication challenges.

What Will You Learn?

Students will take a variety of courses including communication theories, research, critical-cultural studies, communication history and law. In addition to these core courses, students have the opportunity to pursue educational activities beyond the classroom including internships or "cooperative education programs" through the University. Past students have worked with area community theaters including the Fulton Opera House in downtown Lancaster; at local and regional radio, television and cable stations; nonprofit organizations and large corporations.

Successful graduates have gone on to work as television news anchors, reporters, writers, editors, videographers, directors and producers, radio DJs, tech-support specialists, sales representatives, account executives, social media specialists, fundraising/development specialists, special event planners, actors and small-business owners in local, regional and national companies and organizations. Other graduates have entered some of the top graduate programs for communications in the country.