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Faculty Local Agreement Promotion Statement

Article 40 Incentive For Teaching at Other Locations


If you are a regular faculty member (i.e, not temporary part- or full-time), your primary work location is at Millersville University and you are teaching a course at a location more than 15 miles away from your home or the university (whichever is closer to the teaching location), you may be eligible for a cash incentive or professional development funding.  Student teacher supervision and internship supervision assignments are not eligible for consideration; however, nursing clinical supervision is eligible.

A provision in the current CBA specifies as follows:

3.  In addition to their regular compensation under this Agreement, FACULTY MEMBERS who volunteer to teach at other teaching locations or are assigned in accordance with 2. above may elect one of the following incentives, except that no incentive shall be paid for teaching locations within fifteen (15) miles of the FACULTY MEMBER’S home or the University, whichever is closer:


Total Cumulative

Miles Traveled



Professional Development


500 miles or less



501 – 1,500 miles



1,501 – 3,000 miles



Over 3,000 miles




If you believe that you qualify for the above incentive / professional development funding, fill out the Article 40 Teaching Incentive Form.

One form should be filled out per course, if you are teaching more than one course at another location. 

This form may be turned into your dean’s office at the start of the semester for your anticipated cumulative mileage through the end of the semester. 

NOTE:  Forms submitted more than 90 days after the last pay date for a semester will not be accepted or paid.

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