Proposal Development

Process for Developing a Proposal

In developing your proposal it is important to adhere to all sponsor guidelines and proposal submission requirements. Failure to meet submission deadlines, include the required information, or use specified fonts may cause your proposal to be returned without review. Furthermore, the OGSPR is willing to work with you and with the funding agency to make sure that your application meets all content and format guidelines.

Timeline for Submission

Proposal Timeline Whether you are a first-time funding seeker or an experienced principal investigator, we encourage you to contact the OGSPR  well in advance of your proposal submission deadline. The following are some important tips in preparing grants for submission to the state, federal, or other agencies.

  • Pay close attention to sponsor deadlines and submission protocols. Is the submission date a postmark date or receipt date? Must the proposal be submitted electronically, by mail?
  • Prepare and justify budgets in accordance with sponsor budget instructions. Some sponsors specify the maximum amount that may be requested, require specific cost-sharing commitments, or prohibit certain types of costs. Furthermore, be sure that your budget fits your project. Does your justification clearly indicate how will you spend the requested funds and how the proposed expenditures will benefit the project? If you are not confident about your budget, ask. The OSPRS can provide guidance and support.
  • Leave enough time for submission. Some submission processes, particularly electronic submissions, can be difficult to navigate – servers may fail, login information may be incorrect, online forms may not function correctly – Allow yourself or the OGSPR enough time so that these kinds of problems can be handled without missing a deadline.
  • Submit your proposal in the correct format and with the correct number of copies. Are multiple copies of your proposal required? Does the sponsor require electronic copies to be submitted as well?

Intent to Submit

Please notify the OGSPR of your intent to submit as soon as possible, or at least 6 weeks before the deadline.

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