IRB members

The IRB meets monthly during the academic year. Members of the IRB are appointed by the university president or the president's designee for a three-year term. The IRB is composed of the following members: one non-scientist whose primary concerns are non-scientific; one member not affiliated with the University; one member from the administration of the University; two faculty members from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences; two faculty members from the School of Education; two faculty members from the School of Science and Mathematics; and one non-school faculty member.

The members for the 2022-2023 academic year are:




Administrator Office of Grants, Spon. Prog., and Research 717-871-4829
Dr. Amber Nicole Pfannenstiel     English 717-871-4282
Dr. Dawn Lambert, Co-Chair Nursing 717-871-4335

Dr. Heather Lehman



Dr. Melissa Mullen Davis



Dr. Sarah Jackson

Early, Middle, and Exception Education

Dr. Ann Gaudino, Co-Chair Educational Foundations 717-871-7354
Dr. Stephanie Thompson Library 717-871-7122
Dr. Susan Moyer Nursing 717-871-7543
Dr. Jennifer Frank Social Work 717-871-7180
Dr. Sandra McPherson Economics 717-871-7168
Dr. Joe Behun Psychology 717-871-4832
Dr. Chad Bumsted Community Member