Institutional Review Board

IRB at Millersville University

The MU IRB reviews all human subjects research for compliance with Federal regulations. MU has adopted the Belmont Report as its statement of ethical principles. This site provides guidance to anyone planning research involving human subjects under the aegis of MU. AN ONLINE FORM is provided for submission of protocols for IRB review.

  • Unsure if your project requires IRB approval? Start here.
  • For a discussion of levels of human subject review, look here.
  • For a discussion of the Federal definition of research, look here.
For a guide to writing a complete protocol, please see these examples:

Undergraduate Example 1, Undergraduate Example 2Undergraduate Example 3
Masters Example 1, Doctoral Example 1, Doctoral Example 2

Please use this template as a guide for writing your informed consent. For additional information on informed consents see this document and this document.

For additional assistance: 
  • Attend an IRB Faculty Session or IRB Student Session (see below). 

Use this ONLINE FORM to submit your protocol.

NOTE FOR RESEARCHERS CONDUCTING SURVEYS: Before beginning any on-campus survey research, please read the University survey research policy (Requires Login). Furthermore, if you are conducting survey research on- or off-campus, you are strongly urged to use Qualtrics, the University's survey software. Qualtrics provides secure, password-protected data storage and MUST be used if you are collecting personally identifying information. Finally, if you intend to advertise your survey via any University-wide mechanism, such as "Ville Daily, " you MUST coordinate with the Office of Institutional Assessment. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Jeffry Porter. 

NOTE FOR EDUCATION RESEARCHERS:  Due to the volume of Millersville education students undertaking research in local public schools, principals and school district administrators require the MU IRB to provide a full review of all protocols involving public school students. Furthermore, all protocols for school-based research requires a letter of support from the school principal or relevant administrator. This letter must accompany the protocol and must be printed on school letterhead.

All applicants for IRB approval are required to complete CITI training in Human Subjects Research.


 CITI Training is now available for IRB RESPONSIBLE, CONDUCT OF RESEARCH, and IACUC.  Press the button above to set up an account or click HERE to start.