Search For Funding

Search for Funding

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Support offers a variety of ways to help faculty and staff search for funding opportunities. The University subscribes to several services available only to MU faculty and staff. These can be used to conduct general searches for Federal, State, and private funding, as well as to create personalized accounts that will deliver funding information to your email account daily (click here and select "Create New Profile"). Additionally, the University offers links to numerous publicly available search engines such as that will allow you to search the 1000’s of available Federal funding opportunities.

Grant Search Engines

Millersville subscribes to an excellent grant search service, SPINPlus. This is a searchable database of funding opportunities from federal, state, and private sources. It is all inclusive, and it is best to conduct a search of this engine to ensure good coverage of all opportunities.

SPINPlus (Subscription Service, MU Only)
SPINPlus is a database of funding opportunities that allow searchable access to funding opportunities drawn from over 6,000 government, private, and non-profit sources from around the world. SPINPlus includes three product modules: SPIN, GENIUS, and SMARTS:

  1. SPIN - Sponsored Programs Information Network
  2. GENIUS - Global Expertise Network for Industry, University, and Scholars
  3. SMARTS - SPIN Matching And Research Transmittal Services

Spin is the basic grants search service. Genius is a searchable database of investigator profiles, and SMARTS is a highly useful funding alert service. Additional information on Genius and Smarts can be found by clicking here.

Guides to Federal Funding

The federal government offers a bewildering array of funding opportunities. If you are unsure what federal agencies might be able to fund your project or are looking to cast as wide a net as possible, is your best choice. For more targeted searches, try using one of the other, agency specific, searches.

Guides to Private Funding

The Commonwealth offers a number of sources for funding, particularly for projects aimed at partnering business and academia, and that may lead to economic development. The Foundation Directory (Subscription Service, MU Only) provides information on over 10,000 private foundations. Limiting the search can provide a list of Foundations that limit their giving to the Commonwealth or Mid-Atlantic.


There are a number of search engines that target specific areas, like the Humanities and Social Sciences, or SBIR/STTR opportunities that do not fit comfortably within the other categories.

If you are unsure where to begin or how to start, request a Customized Funding Search:

Federal Funding

A central storehouse for information on over 1,000 federal grant programs and access to approximately $400 billion in annual awards

National Science Foundation

National Institute of Health

Department of Education Grants

Insurance for Education Sciences Funding

National Trust for Historic Preservation (includes IMLS, NEA, NEH and other funding sources)

National Endowment for the Arts

State and Private Funding

Here, you can find information on a variety of funding programs supported by the Commonwealth, including the Keystone Innovation Zone Seed Assistance grants.

Other (including SBIR/STTR)


Online resource to find funds for the sciences and undergraduate science education. Sponsored by Science Magazine.

SBIR Gateway

A comprehensive on-line database to SBIR and STTR opportunities


A searchable database providing industry and academia information on research and development opportunities for approximately 120 Department of Defense labs located across the United States.

Humanities & Social Sciences Online

Online announcements of funding opportunities in the Humanities & Social Sciences

Use SPINplus to have custom information emailed to you daily (click on "Create a New Profile")

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