College of Science and Technology Travel Fellowship

CONTACT THE OFFICE OF the DEAN, College of Science & Technology to APPLY


Students with a major within the College of Science and Technology who are presenting their research or who are participating in an academic competition as the sole/lead presenter/competitor are eligible to apply for a maximum of $300. Groups of two or more students presenting/competing together are eligible for a combined amount of $500. For groups, please submit only one application packet but add individual student materials when noted below.

The application MUST include the following materials:

  • List of attending students presenting/competing for group applications.
  • Conference Abstract (Presentations Only).  The abstract submitted to the conference for presentation must be included. Materials are to be included by the student. This can be included in the abstract section of the proposal form.
  • Description of the research or competition. This information should be included in the project narrative section of the application form. The student, with assistance from the faculty mentor, should also complete the following:
    • For group presentations/competitions only:  A brief statement describing the role of each student presenter must be included for all group presentations/competitions.
    • If giving a presentation, supply a brief (250 word limit) description of the research methods, the results of the research, and its importance (i.e. impact on the discipline or society, importance to you, etc).
    • If participating in a competition, give a brief (250 word limit) description of the competition and your preparation for it.  These descriptions should be written for a general audience having an introductory knowledge of science and technology (i.e., avoid the excessive use of technical jargon)
    • Update, if applicable, on research relevant to the presentation/activity (250 word limit).

A Budget for each student presenter, including costs of the trip (e.g., airfare, registration fees) and amount requested. Per diem costs are not covered by this program. Form is to be completed by the student with assistance from the faculty mentor.

  • Information regarding authorized mileage and hotel rates are available at
  • Be sure to list any additional funding applied for and/or received from other sources.  Clearly designate pending/funded amounts.
  • Include a copy of the completed Travel Request Form with your application.  For assistance in completing the Travel Request Form, contact your faculty research mentor, department chairperson or department secretary.

Upon submission, the applicant and the research mentor will receive an e-mail verifying submission.  The e-mail will contain a pdf file of the application and any attachments submitted by the student (such as a copy of their abstract).  In the e-mail to the faculty mentor will be asked to add a letter of support. The following information is requested from the faculty mentor:

  • Briefly justify the travel request based on the quality of the research performed and its readiness for presentation.
  • Indicate whether the faculty research mentor or any other faculty will attend the presentation/competition.
  • Verify additional funding the student(s) has applied for and/or received from other sources.
  • Confirm student will present or compete at proposed conference.  For group applications, confirm that ALL students in the application are presenting or competing.
  • Indicate whether the abstract has been accepted or pending.  The abstract will need to be accepted and presented for the student to be eligible for funding.

CONTACT THE OFFICE OF the DEAN, College of Science & Technology to APPLY