Susan P. Luek Endowment


As stipulated by the donors and the Foundation Board, The Fund supports student-faculty research needs within the department of Psychology including research supplies and costs associated with students or faculty traveling to and presenting at conferences.

Students who apply to the Susan P. Luek Endowment are encouraged to seek funding from multiple sources.

Students should apply using the online application form found on the Sponsored Programs website. Students applying to the Luek Fund must include:

  • The description and rationale for their request
  • The name(s) of their faculty sponsor.
  • A budget and budget justification

The abstract should state clearly what the requested funds will be used for. If the request is for travel funds, it should include the name, place, and date of the conference as well as brief synopsis of the presentation. The narrative section of the proposal should be used to provide a

  • More detailed description of the presentation including a
  • Rational for attendance at that specific conference, and
  • Discussion of impacts to professional and/or academic development.

If the proposal is for research expenses, the format should be appropriate to a research proposal and include a:

  • Literature review,
  • Research questions, and
  • Discussion of methods

Faculty can request funds by utilizing the same application to the Department Chair for expenditures they believe qualify according to the above criteria. Similar to students, their requests should specify the amount requested, the intended use, and the rationale.

Periodically but no less frequently than the end of each month, the Psychology Department Chairperson will gather submitted applications and circulate them to members of the Department’s Budget Committee for consideration at the next month’s Committee meeting. The Committee will discuss the merits of each proposal in light of the criteria of the Endowment and available funds and make a recommendation to the Department Chairperson who will then seek the approval of the Dean for any recommended proposals.

  • The Chairperson or a designated member of the Committee will notify each applicant of the outcomes of their proposal with copies to the Development Office, the Dean, and the Department.
  • Supplies, equipment, and furnishings purchased with Endowment funds will remain the property of Millersville University and the Psychology Department.
  • Unspent funds will be returned to Susan P. Luek HIP Endowment account after one year unless an extension is granted by the Department Chair.