President’s Commission on Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Fellowship

APPLY HERE - Applications are accepted on a rolling basis

The President’s Commission on Cultural Diversity & Inclusion (PCCDI) in conjunction with the Office of the President is sponsoring a paid summer Research Mentoring Fellowship (RMF) for underrepresented or first generation undergraduate students. This collaborative fellowship provides research mentoring workshops that prepare research mentors to support underrepresented or first generation undergraduate students as they complete a five-week summer research project. Simultaneously, students involved in this fellowship engage in self-advocacy as mentees and professional development as student researchers. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Review of applications begins February 1st until a full cohort is reached. 


The purpose of RMF is to address recommendations from the A-Team’s report on closing the graduation gap for underrepresented racial or ethnic or first generation students. The specific recommendations addressed through the RMF include: generate substantial resources for African American and Latina/o student need based on scholarships and research opportunities and develop a core group of faculty, staff, and administration of color and people who are committed to African American and Latina/o students.

Research Mentoring Fellowship Application

Student Eligibility

  • Be an underrepresented or first-generation undergraduate student attending
    Millersville University
  • Have a cumulative grade point average 2.0 - 3.0 (at time of application
  • Have between 20-75 credits (at time of application)
  • Identify a research mentor at Millersville University
  • Be in residence during summer session III of 2024

Faculty Eligibility

  • Applicants for research mentors must be a faculty, staff or administrator of Millersville University.
  • Meet with the prospective student researcher to complete a research proposal application prior to the application deadline.
  • Be engaged with the student researcher during summer session III of 2024.

Proposals for the President’s Commission on Cultural Diversity & Inclusion (PCCDI) Research Mentoring Fellowship (RMF) will be accepted once a year in the Fall semester. 

Student research participants will be drawn from each of the colleges at Millersville University based upon the feasibility of the research project and a successful interview. If there are not enough applicants from each college, it is at the PCCDI RMF Subcommittee’s discretion to equally distribute and accept additional students from a particular college. The total capacity for this research and mentoring initiative is 15 students per academic year.

Notification of acceptance will be sent via email to the student researcher and research mentor.

All inquiries and applications should be directed to the PCCDI RMF Subcommittee via email at

APPLY HERE - Applications Are Accepted on a rolling basis