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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Earlier this summer, I made the difficult decision to retire from my position as Director of the @Millersville Weather Center at the end of August. I’ve been blessed to serve in this role for one-third of a century (yikes!) and to be part of building one of the nation’s top undergraduate meteorology programs, along with Clark, Yalda, DeCaria, Sikora, Fitzgerald, and others. #MarauderPride As a Lancaster native (Manheim Twp. 1982), it’s been a delight to be a leader in forecasting on my home turf for the past 32+ years.

But I won’t really be “retired”. I will continue forecasting as a consultant and storm analyst. Furthermore, I will invest more time into my climbing businesses…and into reaching more of my “old guy” climbing goals, both domestic and international. My wife and I are now transitioning into “empty nest” mode. We’ll maintain a residence in Lancaster, but travel more and enjoy our good health while we can. I will continue to support Millersville Meteorology as a volunteer-in-service…and, yes, I will continue Tweeting! -- Eric Horst