Graduate Assistantships

Millersville offers graduate assistantships to prospective and currently enrolled graduate students who have been formally admitted into a master's degree program. Graduate assistants are assigned to an academic department or administrative office on-campus, usually relating to the student's area of study. Eligible students can benefit from an assistantship because the experience serves as a contribution to a graduate student's intellectual development. An assistantship also entitles a graduate assistant to a tuition waiver and a bi-weekly stipend during the academic year.

The majority of our graduate assistantships are full-time whereby the graduate assistant would work twenty (20) hours per week in the position. A tuition waiver of 24 credits per year and a stipend of $5,000 per year are awarded to full-time first year GAs. A limited number of part-time graduate assistantships are available whereby the graduate assistant would work ten (10) hours per week in the position and receive half of the tuition waiver and stipend. Students interested in applying for a graduate assistantship should submit a completed Graduate Assistantship Application and Information packet that will be subject to review on a competitive basis.


Graduate Assistantships

Cait Tomeo on graduate assistantships.

Diversity in Graduate Assistantships - Millersville University is committed to increasing multicultural awareness and understanding, and to recruiting and retaining a diverse student body. To this end, the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning is deeply committed to recruiting and retaining underrepresented populations as members of our graduate student community. As several of our academic and administrative offices on campus provide services aimed at supporting our minority and international students, we especially encourage graduate assistant applications from students of diverse backgrounds for these positions.

Click the link below to download an electronic copy of the Graduate Assistantship Application.

Graduate Assistantship Application

A resume should be submitted along with three (3) references OR you may elect to use the references submitted in support of your application for admission.

The full consideration date for assistantships for the following fall is February 1. Although we will continue to accept applications beyond that date, the number of positions your application is reviewed for will diminish as departments begin reviewing applications and making their recommendations. Since acceptance into a master's degree program is a condition of appointment as a graduate assistant, a graduate assistant application will not be considered until a completed graduate admissions application is received by the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning.

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    Evaluation Process

    Graduate assistants are evaluated annually by their supervisors during their placement. The primary purpose of this evaluation is developmental, allowing the graduate assistant to gain feedback and insight regarding their professional strengths and areas of improvement. Click here to download an electronic copy of the Graduate Assistant Evaluation Form.