Alcohol & Other Drugs

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Responsible Action Policy

Millersville policy and Pennsylvania state law protects underage individuals from being cited when they act to obtain emergency assistance for someone in an alcohol related emergency.  Even if they are underage and under the influence. 

Do the right thing and let the experts take care of a student with alcohol poisoning. Be sure that only one person stays until help arrives.


Know what you're drinking!

The liver can process one standard drink per hour.  No amount of coffee, Red Bull, or cold showers will sober you up!  Only time will!

What is a standard drink?

Regular Beer 12 oz. 5% alcohol
Light Beer 15 oz. 4% alcohol
Liquor 1.5 oz. 40% alcohol
Wine 5 oz. 12% alcohol
Coolers 12 oz. 5% alcohol
Four Loko 5 oz. 12% alcohol

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