Starfish for Faculty

starfish_logo.jpegHow to Log In

Faculty may sign into Starfish through their MyVille portal. Coming Soon!


  • How do I use the early alert feature to support the success of my students?

    Early Alert helps instructors and advisors monitor the progress of students throughout the first ten weeks of the semester.  Students can be given advice, support, or recommendations to connect to academic support services across campus.  Watch this short video for some key tips!

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  • What are progress surveys?

    Progress surveys are intentional pulse checks in the early alert system that are used at key times in the semester.   The allow instructor to highlight a concern (raise a flag), recommend support (a referral), or commend good work. Check out this quick video overview.

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  • What is a flag? A referral? A kudos?

    A flag denotes concern around attendance, academic performance, academic progress, and classroom participation.   Some flags require no action and are merely informational.   Others act in concert with referrals (recommending an action be taken for support – ie tutoring, success coaching, etc.).   Kudos are ways to celebrate positive progress and commend students for their work.

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