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Writing Center LogoThe Writing Center’s mission is to provide quality peer mentoring to student writers in all fields of study, at all levels, and at any phase of the writing process.  We strive to create better writers by engaging and involving students in writing; encouraging reflection, growth, and confidence in writing; and developing effective, long-term writing habits. 

Our mission boils down to five words: “Every Writer Needs a Reader.” If you need help with grammar or citations or tips on how to create an effective resume or cover letter, our staff of trained tutors can guide you through it. 

We help at any stage of the writing process, whether it’s brainstorming or implementing a professor’s feedback. The best part is that we’re all students, just like you. Whether it’s written up or typed down, we are more than happy to help.

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Writing Center Hours are: 

  • Monday-Thursday 1p-9p
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Use the Writing Center blog for tips on creating outlines, citations and the difference between primary and secondary sources.