English Major Advising Reference Sheet

BSE Advising Reference Sheet


  • Scheduling tips
  • Options
  • Plan on taking one course during summer or winter to stay on track (last semester is 12 credits)

Math requirement

  • Must take TWO math courses, both with G2 label.  No other restriction

Media Studies requirement

  • ENGL 240 or ENGL 481 should be taken.
  • Either will count in G1.

ENGL 220

  • Will count in G1.


  • Because ENGL 220 and Media course count in G1, student will only need one G1 outside of ENGL.


  • Try to cover this requirement with one of the English P courses as an elective to avoid taking an extra course.


  • EDFN 211 counts as BSE Diversity course


  • TWO levels needed: 1st before sophomore block registration; 2nd before graduating.


Advanced Professional Studies requirements (FALL SEMESTER)

  • Required to get in: 2.8 cumulative GPA; TWO G2 Math courses; PRAXIS 1 satisfied; Clearances filed. ENGL 486.

Student Teaching (SPRING SEMESTER)

  • May not take other courses (other than EDSE 471) during student teaching
  • As this semester has 12 total credit hours, 3 credit hours must be fulfilled earlier either during summer/winter or an 18 credit semester

BA Advising Reference Sheet


Minor requirement

  • Must take a minor outside of English, unless you choose ESL/Linguistics; Film Studies; or Journalism.

Journalism minor and Journalism option

  • Recommend to work for Snapper freshmen and sophomore year.
  • The option is good for BSEs interested in advising middle/high school papers.


  • Required for all BAs

Study Abroad


  • ENGL Special Study course recommended for BAs interested in graduate school and writing studies.
  • Needs approval from a faculty advisor, Chair, and Dean. Request for special study should be submitted before or during the ADD period for the semester. 
  • Later requests may not be approved.

Double Counting

  • Minors: Two courses in Gen Ed blocks, one course from major, except for Journalism Minors who cannot count any major courses in minor.
  • Options: Courses from anywhere else in the major or Gen Ed curriculum.
  • Gen Ed: “D” & “W” courses count anywhere.



  • Must take placement to get a math class.

Foreign Languages

  • Must take placement to take a language course at 200 level or higher


  • Before 15 credits have been earned, students may take a general equivalency test for 6 credits: ENGL 110 & 1xx (G1), and subject area equivalency for ENGL 230, 234, 236.

Gen Ed Courses

Open Electives

  • Any G-Block course may count
  • Students who do not take UNIV 103 seminars may take one elective instead

G2 block rules

  • “Foundations” Math course does not count in G2 block.
  • TWO courses in “natural sciences” & TWO from 1 department.



  • Register for GRAD 999 placeholder course Fall or Spring term in which you plan to graduate.
  • Submit graduation application by published deadline.
  • Your DARS should read 97% when you submit your application. If it doesn't, you should discuss with your adviser.
  • You can walk in May even if you complete your degree with courses in summer.
  • Turn in a current DARS report with your graduation application.
  • You must have 120 credits by PA law, even if you have completed all degree requirements.


  • May be used for any major requirement in consultation with Chair.
  • ENGL 230 can be used as an elective if you are a transfer student who transferred it in.
  • Due semester before graduation.
  • Must be submitted before graduation application can be signed.

Transferring Credits

Rules for graduating

  • At least 30 credits must be done at MU, and 50% of major, excluding student teaching.
  • Transfer credits do not count toward GPA, except for determining honors.

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