APS Requirements

If You Don't Yet Have APS Status

Banner will prevent you from registering for APS courses including Professional Bloc and will display as a "prereq test score error" message when you try to register for professional bloc. If you are intending to achieve APS status either by completing requirements or appealing your status and you would like to take professional bloc register for:

  • EDFN 001 Pro Bloc: APS Pending

If you are planning to appeal APS status, contact the Department of Field Services Office at 717-871-5752 or field.services@millersville.edu. Registering for the wait list in no way guarantees APS status, but will give you priority to be admitted into professional bloc courses after APS status has been achieved.


Before registering for Professional Bloc or Student Teaching, you must be admitted to Advanced Professional Studies. See APS eligibility and requirements by visiting the Field Services web page.

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