M.Ed. Online Teaching

Online Teaching - M.Ed. in Assessment, Curriculum and Teaching

The Online Teaching concentration of the Masters in Assessment, Curriculum and Teaching is designed for educators interested in learning the foundational tools and pedagogy for blended and online environments.  With the explosion of online and blended instructional opportunities for students and teachers locally and nationally, this program helps prepare graduates to design and facilitate online classes by ensuring that they can:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of multimedia, Web 2.0 and current and emerging technologies for assessment, curriculum development and instruction.
  • Examine innovative teaching methods to foster student learning for different modes of delivery (face-to-face, flipped, blended, fully online).
  • Apply the phases of an instructional design model to the development of curriculum that is reflective of mode of delivery.
  • Create varied and targeted assessments that effectively measure student learning aligned to content standards and leveraging emergent instructional models.
  • Develop methods of evaluating and improving curricular design through the use of student assessment data.
Program Start Dates

Fall A                    End of August

Fall B                    Mid October

Winter                   Mid December

Spring A               End of January

Spring B               Mid March

Summer 1            Mid May

Summer 2            Mid June

Summer 3            Mid July

This Program is Designed for:

  • Fully online teaching faculty in K-12 education
    (*This program will NOT lead to an initial teaching certification)
  • Regular classroom teachers that are already using flipped and hybrid instruction
  • Curriculum supervisors and designers
  • Current and prospective teachers seeking an edge in the job search
  • Educational administrators and leaders

Program Highlights:

  • Accelerated courses—100% online
  • Credits earned are eligible to count toward meeting ACT 48 requirements.
  • Coursework linked to practice through field experiences
  • Connected to PDE and iNACOL standards for online teaching

Program Courses

M.Ed. Core Courses

EDFN 601 Methods of Research (Winter 2018, Spring 2018)
EDFN 545 Advanced Educational Psychology (Spring 2018)
EDFN 604 Education and Public Policy (Winter 2018)

ACTE Core & Online Teaching Concentration Courses                                       

ACTE 630 Current Technology for Online Instruction (Spring 2018)
EDFN 530 Instructional Technology, Design, and Assessment (Spring 2018)
ACTE 632 Online Learning Environments (Winter 2018)
ACTE 633 Responding to Individual Learners (Spring 2018)
ACTE 634 Legal and Ethical Issues in Online Education
ACTE 635 Instructional and Curricular Design for Online Teaching (Spring 2018)

Capstone Experience                                   

ACTE 699 Inquiry for Teaching and Learning (Spring 2018)

*Fall A and B indicate the first and second halves of the semester, respectively.

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