Fall Schedule for Success

Develop effective academic success patterns

Print out these suggestions to keep yourself on track.

Fall Suggested Schedule for Academic Success





Week 1

Review advising webpage


Week 2

Finalize classes for the semester; put important dates and reminders in your calendars/phone;


Week 3

Go to office hours of an English professor and discuss your interests; review English website and Millersville Calendar for events to attend


Week 4

Review/revise your sleep schedule based on classes/work


Week 5

Solidify your study routine; set up study groups if needed


Week 6

Read English Newsletter and to get ideas about your involvement and connect with your community


Week 7

Meet with Success Coach to discuss strengths and areas for improvement OR attend tutoring or the Writing Center to solidify your positive practices


Week 8

Explore options for getting involved on campus and in the community by visiting the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership (CSIL)


Week 9

Bookmark possible spring classes in DARS; consider an internship; review our English Advising webpage for opportunities, scheduling tips, and necessary forms


Week 10

Discuss spring course ideas with your academic advisor


Week 11

Register for spring semester


Week 12

Meet with Success Coach to review academic performance; confirm finals schedule


Week 13

Develop an action plan to prepare for finals


Week 14

Visit Experiential Learning/Career Management (ELCM) to develop a career plan