English & World Languages students have various opportunities for internships and other career-oriented experiences! In 2019-20, over 94% of Millersville interns indicated they would recommend an academic internship to other students and over 97% indicated they would recommend their internship employer to other students. Additionally, one in four interns indicated they were offered permanent employment or the option of another internship with their employer host.


Internships provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply classroom knowledge and to strengthen your professional work habits. Credit-bearing internships are part of your total learning experience, giving your academic program a sense of reality and relevance, and provide you with an opportunity to gain greater insight into your chosen career, allowing you to explore different work environments and organizational cultures.

You learn how to interact with professionals in a variety of roles, assisting you with strengthening or redirecting your career choices. Well-planned and well-executed internships offer you a chance to gain first-hand knowledge of an organization and an industry, helping you focus your career goals and acquire valuable job skills and work experiences. You make connections with professionals in the field that may pay off in the future. Those connections create the potential for regular employment after the internship ends.

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Professional Development School

Millersville's Professional Development School (PDS) is a full-year internship experience that immerses future teachers in a school setting. This senior-year apprenticeship with a master teacher allows English B.S.E. students to shift their focus from simply learning about teaching to implementing their learning in the classroom to make a positive impact.

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