Disruptive Students: Procedures

Suggestions from Chief Anders

These suggestions are meant to help with classroom management.

Procedures for Dealing with Disruptive Students

If there is ever a need for immediate police need, call 911; our county 911 dispatchers radio the MU police directly.

For general service calls, where there is an interest for MU Police to respond but not the immediacy of an emergency, call our non-emergency line 717-871-4357(HELP).

With student misconduct or disruption in a classroom, our officers have the best ability to respond when faculty do the following:

  • Advise the student they are being disruptive and to follow the instructions of faculty toward the rule the faculty is providing.
  • If this does not occur, advise the student their disruption violates University and student policy and they must leave the class.

o   Stop and wait for the student to leave in a reasonable time.

  • If the student does not leave in a reasonably short time, advise the student again to leave or you will call police to assure he/she leaves and this is a further violation of MU student policy.
  • If the student does not leave as requested, call 911 for the disruptive student to be escorted from class.

Our officers should then:

  • Upon arrival confirm the student has been asked to leave. Advise the student to leave as they are now considered trespassing.
  • If the student has not left, advise a second time of trespass and that the student will be arrested for trespass and brought to the station.
  • If the student continues to not leave, the officer will arrest the student for trespassing.