Spring Schedule for Success

Design a strategic course of study




Week 1

Finalize classes for spring semester; review English website and Millersville Calendar for events of interest; put events on calendar


Week 2

Put important dates in your calendars/phone; go to office hours to meet new professors


Week 3

Meet with Success Coach to set semester goals; go to office hours of an English professor and discuss your interests


Week 4

Revisit/revise sleep schedule based on classes/work


Week 5

Solidify your study routine for the semester


Week 6

Read English Newsletter, get ideas about your involvement, and connect with your community


Week 7

Make an appointment with your advisor


Week 8

Review your degree plan in DARS and bookmark possible spring courses; consider an internship as one of your courses; review our English Advising webpage for opportunities, scheduling tips, and necessary forms


Week 9

Spring Break; make plans for summer internship/work/courses/travel


Week 10

Meet with your academic advisor to discuss degree plan


Week 11

Register for spring semester


Week 12

Reflect on English program objectives; confirm finals schedule


Week 13

Meet with Success Coach to evaluate semester progress


Week 14

Review plans for the summer


Week 15+

Prepare for finals


Contact your Advisor

Remember to contact your assigned advisor with any questions!