Undergraduate Programs

The English program enables its students to become culturally aware, technologically astute, life-long learners. To this end, the department enriches students' experiences of texts from a variety of diverse perspectives, cultures, and academic disciplines. It actively cultivates engaged learners through writing-intensive, discussion-oriented, and collaborative learning environments. In addition, departmental course offerings incorporate the use and study of new technologies to promote students' abilities to interact effectively in technologically complex environments.

Through its education of the next generation of readers, writers, viewers, thinkers, teachers, and scholars, the English program invests in the future of the liberal arts. It educates individuals whose knowledge, creativity, and insight will improve world business, political, and personal communities. It educates teachers whose knowledge, skills, and practice will enhance the literacy development of diverse students.

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  • B.A. in English
    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English

    Our liberal arts-based English program, with its humanistic focus, is designed to give B.A. students a background in literature, language, writing, and related fields of study, as well as knowledge of themselves. Students are exposed to both the rich cultural heritage of the past and the most promising creative work of the present.

    One of the major aims of the program is to assist students in communicating effectively and logically in any choice of profession or vocation. Upon completion of this course of study, English majors from Millersville should be qualified for admission to graduate schools and other professional training programs, and they should be well prepared for careers that require writing and research skills.

    English B.A. Degree Requirements

  • B.A. Options
    Areas of focus within the B.A. in English

    English as a Second Language/Linguistics
    This option allows both liberal arts and secondary education students to pursue concentrated study in the area of teaching English as a second language combined with all major branches of the field of linguistics—descriptive (theoretical), historical/comparative, and applied. In addition, students complete the equivalent of two semesters of world language study.

    Film Studies
    This option enables students to develop skills and proficiency in the developing discipline of film studies, including its history, aesthetics, terminology, methods of analysis, theoretical issues, and social impact/interactions.

    Writing Studies
    This option allows students to pursue concentrated study in the discipline of writing, specializing in sub-fields such as the history of rhetoric and composition, literacy, theories of writing pedagogy, and writing and multi-media. 

    Writing Studies Degree Requirements

    Writing Studies (Online Degree Completion Program)
    This online-only option allows students with an accredited Associate's degree to explore professional writing opportunities, practical communication challenges, and critical examinations that shape public and political culture in ways that position you to work in a variety of career fields. 

    Online Degree Completion Program Page

  • B.S.E. in English Education
    Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.E.)

    The B.S.E. in English provides a broad foundational understanding in English Studies while giving students opportunities to do advanced work from select areas in literature and writing. All of our English majors receive a well-rounded education with classes in writing, film studies, language, and journalism to prepare them for demanding careers as professionals. Students take course work both from the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and from the College of Education and Human Services to prepare them for their profession. Students in the B.S.E. program are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA since we expect excellence of our future teachers.

    Professional Development School

    Students finish out their Millersville education with a full year of professional development in the field with mentor English teachers. This Professional Development School model is a unique experience that provides Millersville graduates with an edge in attained their desired teaching positions. Significantly, Lancaster has been ranked as the best area in the country for future educators.

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  • Minors
    The English program offers the following minors
    • American Literature
    • British Literature
    • Creative Writing & Publishing
    • Film Studies
    • General English
    • Linguistics
    • Science Writing
    • Writing Studies