Starfish for Students

How to Log In

Students may sign into Starfish through their MyVille portal. Coming soon!


  • What does it mean if I get an email from Starfish?

    Starfish communications fall into three categories – flags, referrals, and kudos – and all are designed to support and help you succeed academically.   These are not punishments but rather MU’s way of reaching out to keep you on track and encourage improvement.

    Do not ignore emails from Starfish as they might be alerting you of missing assignments or attendance concerns (see FLAGS in the resource section), recommending important support like success coaching or career services (see REFERRALS), or giving you a needed boost to carry on (see KUDOS).

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  • Why should I use the “Request Help” feature?

    Millersville promotes a proactive culture of student success.  We want students to reach out and make connections and be empowered to seek the information they need.  Everyone learns differently and requires different levels of support.   Requesting help allows you to build relationships with the offices and services that you need for academic success, career planning, and other related questions.

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  • What is the “Getting to Know You” feature?

    Reflecting our EPPIIC values, Millersville believes in cultivating meaningful relationships.   We want to get to know you!   Upon your initial welcome to Starfish, you will be asked to complete a small survey to help your advisor get to know you.   This allows your advisor to begin thinking about the best ways to support you. 

    Also, do not forget to check out your advisor’s profile!   Their biography is a great way to get to know them too.  

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  • What if I do not see anyone listed in My Success Network?

    Your specific advisors or counselors might not be assigned yet. Check back later or contact your institution’s help desk for additional assistance.

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  • What if I click the Starfish link and get a “You do not have access” message?

    Contact your institution’s help desk for assistance with accessing the Starfish system.

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  • What if I need more help?

    For technical issues, contact the Help Desk at For questions regarding a flag, please contact your instructor or advisor.  For general Starfish questions, contact

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