Released Time


Faculty are expected to engage in scholarship, to conduct research, and to exhibit creative work in their area of academic expertise. The purpose of the Released Time grant is to provide to support to faculty by reducing their teaching load to allow additional time to devote towards research, creative endeavors, professional development projects and other scholarly activities.


  • All released-time proposals must be submitted in the FALL CYCLE (by October 1). The grants will be effective the Fall or Spring of the following academic year (e.g., apply in Fall 2005 for released-time in Fall 2006 or Spring 2007).
  • Only full-time, tenured, or tenure-track faculty are eligible for released-time grants.
  • Released-time grants will not exceed one-fourth (1/4) load reduction for one semester.
  • A faculty member on released-time is not eligible for a teaching overload.
  • Generally, a project will not be supported for more than two years in succession.
  • Since released-time is granted at the convenience of the academic curriculum schedule, applicants should justify requests for one semester in preference to the other.
  • Faculty are encouraged to submit proposals for research that supports our strategy to "Lead in the development and adoption of experiential and innovative strategies that enhance student learning."
  • Released-time proposals
    1. should not exceed one thousand words,
    2. should include the purpose of the released-time, its value for the individual faculty, as well as for the university
    3. should identify the feasibility of the project within the proposed time frame, and
    4. should include specific aims of the project.

Final reports must be submitted one year from date of award for Released Time grant recipients